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Your Big Day: Perfecting Your Wedding Makeup

If you’re planning for your big day and you are not accustomed to wearing makeup, no worries, the information below will provide the guidance you need. The first thing you should know is that your wedding will be spectacular and you’re going to look amazing. Check out the tips below on how to perfect your bridal beauty.

Hydrating Your Skin

The best way to set yourself up for success is by making sure your skin is hydrated. This is a good way to prepare your face so that the makeup goes on smoothly. One of the biggest problems that makeup artists have with clients on their wedding day is that the bride’s skin was not properly prepared. You can even give yourself a home facial using essential oils to make sure your skin is ready.

If you want to give yourself a facial and you’re not sure where to start, consider Young Living Essential Oils. These are therapeutic-grade oils, which means they can help you obtain a natural glow when used for a facial, much like you would experience when visiting a day spa. When you see a bride with skin that looks incredible on her wedding day, there’s a good chance that she drank a lot of water and had a facial.

Using a Primer

The purpose of a primer for your face is to smooth out your skin. It’s another way of ensuring makeup goes on smoothly. If you decide to use a primer, which you should, try different brands to make sure you choose one that matches your skin type. If you have dry skin, you’ll need to use a primer that’s moisturizing without being oily. The opposite applies if you have oily skin.

Applying Eyelashes

Although it seems like everyone wears false eyelashes, that’s not the case. If you’re like a large percentage of women and you have never worn false eyelashes, don’t worry because you can start practicing in advance. The key with making sure your lashes look great on your wedding day is applying them over and over weeks in advance until you’ve gained expert status.

It’s worth noting that cheap eyelashes don’t usually work out well because you can tell they’re cheap. If your natural eyelashes are long, consider using a quality mascara instead of false eyelashes. Since you’ll practice in advance, you can determine if using mascara is sufficient.

Selecting a Good Concealer

Planning a wedding can be stressful, which may be an understatement. As a result, there’s a good chance that you will need concealer to hide any under-eye circles that may develop. The problem with concealer is you have to pick the right one or else it will end up looking worse than the actually under-eye circles. Although well-meaning, it’s common to see women wearing concealer that’s the wrong shade. This is definitely something you want to avoid at all costs on your wedding day.

Grooming Your Brows

Brows are one of the most important aspects of your bridal makeup and it’s something that should be handed over to an expert if you have never groomed your brows. Since this can be done days in advance, you might as well make your life easy by scheduling an appointment to have an expert do your brows.

Choosing Lipstick

Choosing the right lipstick is easy if you already wear lipstick. If not, consider looking in bridal magazines to see if you see a color that you like. You can then have a lipstick party to try on different colors. You want to find lipstick that’s long lasting and won’t start to crack during wedding activities.

These tips can help to ensure your makeup is perfect on your wedding day. You can make absolutely sure by taking lots of photos during your makeup practice sessions to ensure you’re able to achieve your desired look.