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What’s Trending for a 2019 Wedding?

Article By Elegant Bridal

Each year, we celebrate couples who have chosen to spend their lives together with weddings and receptions. It is always interesting to see what couples choose to do with their day and what it says about them as a whole. This year we saw a shift to focusing on the environmental feel of a wedding, over a strict color palette, as well as some new forms of entertainment, like sketch artists to include more sources of entertainment than just a DJ. What will 2019 bring for wedding celebrations?

Natural Decor

Get ready to take a trip back to Mother Nature in 2019. Next year is trending to be a time that inspires couples to bring more greenery and flowers into decor, especially tablescapes to bring a more organic feel to their environment. We also are expecting to see elaborate flower garlands used to create a much more fun and airy ambiance for wedding guests. Combining both the greenery and the florals will lead to a beautiful color explosion, with the return of colorful flowers next year.


Pinterest recently revealed a new possible wedding dress trend to be on the lookout for in 2019 – gold wedding dresses. As a shift away from the traditional white, ivory, and blush, gold dresses demonstrate a way to bring more luxury to a wedding day celebration. Brides looking to stand out and make a statement on their day may opt for this upcoming style.

Mixed metal wedding rings, like the ones that can be found on Blue Nile, are another trend beginning to be seen. Traditionally, the engagement ring and wedding band match in metals, and are often designed to match completely. In 2019, we may see a shift to a variation in the wedding band as a way to bring more color and practicality to a ring set.

Dessert Table

While creating dessert tables isn’t a completely new idea, it does represent a continued shift away from more traditional wedding activities. There are a number of “expected” events to take place at a wedding, including first dances, toasts, cutting the cake, bouquet tosses, etc… As wedding costs continue to rise, couples are looking for fun alternatives to traditions from their parents’ weddings, and what’s more fun than a dessert table covered in pastries and cookies? Couples can still get the experience of cutting the cake with a smaller, personal cake that they can save for their anniversary, while their guests get to choose their own dessert adventure!

Event Branding

These days, branding is everything and weddings are starting to be no different. Taking it beyond themes, wedding branding represents the entire event, from the custom seals on the invitations and table decorations to the dinner napkins. Each individual facet of the wedding is serving the purpose of creating a completely customized and on-brand wedding for the couple that will not be reproduced.