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What You Need To Know About The Trending Custom-Designed Wedding Guest Book

When you’re busy planning the most magical, romantic and special day of your life, you obviously want to ensure that every little detail is absolutely perfect. It’s common for all brides-to-be to focus attention on their wedding stationery staples, like personalised save the date cards and beautiful wedding invites. Guests that want to cherish memories of your nuptials may decide to preserve your formal wedding invitation as a keepsake.

After tying the knot, enjoying an amorous honeymoon, and settling into happy married life, most couples only have their wedding photo albums as proof that their wedding actually took place. A wedding guest book is a special memento that brings your wedding back to life every time that you look at it. The purpose of a guest book is to capture the names and well wishes of everyone who played a part in creating memories of your wedding day.

If you’re charmed by the idea of collecting heartfelt sentiments from family and friends that attend your wedding, there are no restrictions on how you go about it. A custom-designed wedding guest book doesn’t have to be an actual book that you write in with a pen. You can be as imaginative and creative as you want.

You can easily draw inspiration by researching custom-designed wedding guest book ideas that are currently trending online, or by exploring your own unique interests. And of course, you can always buy a ready-made wedding guest book that you can pimp and customise, if you’re stuck for ideas.

Whatever custom-designed option you choose must include an element that captures the name and personalised message of your wedding guests. If a gorgeous handmade leather-bound, monogrammed guest book doesn’t appeal to you and your future spouse, there are unlimited unique, unusual, fun and themed ways in which you can give guests something a little more creative and original than paper to write on.

Trending Custom-Designed Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

It’s easy to go blank, and have no idea what to write, when it’s your turn to write a meaningful message on a page in a traditional style wedding guest book. One of the reasons why there are so many trending custom-designed wedding guest book variations, is that they don’t require guests to suddenly become poetic when writing their heartfelt words of wisdom. Many of the creative alternatives simply require a short and sweet message, or just a name.

Here are five of the best trending wedding book alternatives for your wedding day:

• The Wine Bottle Guest Book

One of the most popular trending custom-designed wedding guest book ideas involves a super-size Jeroboam bottle of wine or champagne. Guests are invited to write their names on the 4 or 6 wine bottle size Jeroboam with a special metallic ink pen. Most of couples that choose this modern wedding guest book alternative have plans to uncork the giant wine bottle on a special wedding anniversary.

If you like to save wine corks, you can incorporate your interest into creating a unique alternative custom-designed wedding guest book for your big day. At the wedding reception, ask guests to sign a cork, before placing it inside a stylish shadow box that is decorated with the happy couple’s names or initials.

• The Wishing Tree Guest Book

To beautifully complement a spring or summer wedding you may wish to follow a trending custom-designed wedding guest book that is inspired by nature. A wishing tree is an ornamental feature that is usually decorated with handwritten notes of best wishes.

You can create a stunning centrepiece at your wedding reception, by placing branches of pretty flowering cherry blossom or magnolia in a large decorative pot or vase. Provide a pile of cards that have ribbons attached, for hanging. Invite your guests to take a moment to think about you and your beloved, and to write a special meaningful message that you can treasure as a wedding day keepsake. 

• The Post Box Guest Book

Another modern custom-designed variation of the traditional wedding guest book is the post box. As with the wishing tree concept, you supply guests with blank postcards that they can write on and decorate. Once they have written their best wishes on the postcard, they can pop it inside the post box, for you to collect later. 

You can also ask your Maid of Honour or Best Man to collect the postcards, and to mail them to you throughout the first year of your married life. By the time your 1st wedding anniversary (paper) comes round you will have collected all of the signed postcards.

• The Photo Booth/Polaroid Guest Book

If you’ve hired a photo booth to keep guests entertained at your wedding reception, give them a reason to pose for a photo. Present guests with a book in which they can mount their photo booth or Polaroid prints, and space to write comments, captions and anecdotes.

• The Puzzle Guest Book

One of the most popular romantic trending customised-designed wedding guest books is a traditional jigsaw puzzle that guests complete by signing. The personalised custom made wooden puzzle usually features the name or initials of the happy couple, and is embellished with an elegant motif. Guests are invited to take a puzzle piece each, and to sign the back of it. When all of the pieces are joined together you have a complete puzzle that you can treasure forever.