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blue-bridesmaid-dress-with_beltSelecting the color to dress your bridesmaids in can be a very stressful process.  The best part about this is that it’s your wedding day and your preference goes, so whatever color you choose will be the right answer.   If your favorite color is pink, go with pink dresses!  It’s your day and whatever makes you happiest counts.  Other brides go with seasonal dresses.  For example, if you have a spring or summer wedding lighter, more colorful dresses are usually worn compared to winter weddings.  Some brides have a color theme throughout their entire wedding.  For example, writing on their invitations, flowers throughout the ceremony, decorations at the reception, and the entire bridal party is dressed to match this color.  Also, lean on your maid of honor for help with this one.  She is going to be the one wearing the dress, so if there are a few colors you are stuck between and want her to be happy with what she’s wearing, allow her to make the decision with you.  As long as your bridesmaid doesn’t suggest white, take her advice and go with it!