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Weddings During Coronavirus: How to Plan, Adjust & Manage

The pandemic has completed changed almost all aspects of our lives. It has changed how we function in our daily lives and how we meet people every day. Moreover, public gatherings are more limited now, and weddings, along with other functions, have become intimate events restricted to private venues and homes. 

In times like these, one must be able to plan their weddings according to the prevailing conditions to avoid any disappointment. Our guide today will help you plan, adjust, and manage your wedding during the tough times. If your wedding is nearby, then this guide will help you understand all that surrounds a wedding under these circumstances. 

The good news is that you can still have a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic! However, you do need to plan accordingly and take the necessary precautions to ensure that you and your loved one’s safety is not compromised in any way. 

Don’t worry; your wedding will stay be your day; you might have to cut down on the guest list, but as long as your closest family members are there, you need not worry! Below is a list of things that you need to take care of when you are planning your wedding during the pandemic.  

Follow Local and National SOPs

The first thing that you need to do before you move forward with any arrangements is consulting with your local recommendation. They will possibly provide you with a framework that will give you an idea about where to start and answer a lot of questions for you too. They will tell you how many guests you can call or whether you can hold the wedding indoor, outdoor, etc. It is the responsibility of every couple who is getting married to take care of the guidelines presented by the local or national recommendations. 

Consult With Local Vendors

As the wedding dates approach nearer, you need to consult your local vendors and find out whether they are following the COVID-19 protocols set by the government and how they will be implementing those SOPs on the wedding day. What is more important is for you as a couple to help your vendors fully implement the SOPs. Do keep in mind that the vendors are not entirely responsible for applying the SOPs. It is also your responsibility to make sure that the event is safe for the guests, vendors, and anyone else attending the wedding. 

Plan Your Venue Beforehand

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, there was an ample amount of planning that would go into planning the venue. With the pandemic, however, things have become stricter. You will need to work with the team in charge of the venue very closely. You will need to be clear on the number of people you are allowed to invite. Moreover, it is also important to have a conversation regarding social distancing and the availability of masks at the venue. It is also better to plan out the entire seating according to the standard 6 feet distance. If you speak to the team that is handling the venue beforehand, they might be able to offer creative solutions to implementing social distancing. It is also the responsibility of the same team to ensure cleanliness at the venue. If it is an indoor carpeted space, then it is better to consult a carpet cleaning service in advance to ensure that the area is germ-free before the event. 

Communication Is Key!

Simply implementing the procedures might not be enough. You will have to communicate with your guests about the safety measures and how they need to take these precautions seriously. If they are supposed to bring their masks, then do let them know in advance; the same goes for sanitizers or face shields (if they prefer to wear one). Another thing that you need to take care of is to let people know if you have decided to cut down on the guest list. This should be done well before the time of the wedding so that people can refund their tickets if they have planned to travel to your wedding.

Plan Outdoors If Possible 

According to expert opinion, it is safer to hold a wedding outdoors. There are possibly more airflow and hence fewer chances of the virus. Even if you are unable to organize an outdoor wedding, then you can plan a reception which is outdoors. It is also better to do an outdoor event if you are unable to cut down on your guest list. It might be a big change if you have already planned an indoor wedding, but it could be safer for you and the guests, plus you get to call more people!

Get As Many PPEs As You Can!

Wearing masks should be made compulsory at all costs. However, if you can get PPEs for the guests, it’s even better! Additionally, provide the guest with hand sanitizers as well. Moreover, there should be frequent sanitization at the venue to ensure cleanliness and a virus-free atmosphere. There are plenty of fun ways you can enforce the SOPs. For example, have a sanitization station in which the sanitizer is infused with fragrances that the guests will enjoy! This way, they can feel refreshed and safe at the same time.

Key Takeaways for Weddings during Coronavirus

COVID-19 poses serious health risks on individuals, and it should not be taken lightly. Instead of forcing your friends and family to attend the wedding and having a large wedding give them a choice and tell them that they don’t have to attend if they don’t feel right about it. Health always comes first, and you shouldn’t be selfish at a time like this. 

Your wedding can still be the same, even with all the SOPs lined up. You might not be able to perform all the wedding traditions or have a wedding that you have imagined, but you can still have a small, memorable event with your close friends and family members. Moreover, if you are completely against the idea of having a small wedding, then you can postpone it till things start looking up. 

Author Bio: 

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