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Wedding Dresses for Every Body Type

Planning your wedding can feel exhilarating filled with many decisions throughout the process. Shopping for your wedding dress is one component that can feel exciting and nerve-wrecking all at once. Choosing the right dress for your style, fit and comfort can feel overwhelming, but there is a dress out there for everyone. Consider what type of dress is the best for your body shape and type as you explore the perfect look for your big day.

Shapes and Silhouettes

The shape and silhouette of the dress are one of the biggest characteristics of the wedding dress, as this is the general fit, cut and look of the dress. Whether you prefer something form-fitting or something that is flowier, there is a dress out there for everyone. Dresses can come in a variety of shapes, including A-line, ball gown, trumpet, mermaid and straight fit to name a few. Choosing a shape that best suits your body type, comfort level and the look you are going for can ensure a happy choice for any newlywed to be. Make sure to try them on, as you may be surprised by the dress that brings you joy.

Fabric Choice

Fabric choice is an important consideration for any wedding dress. For someone who wants to show off all of their curves, they may choose a fabric that clings closely to the body and conversely, for someone who wants to avoid this, they may stray away from that particular fabric. It is also important to note other than fit, fabrics have varying degrees of breathability, so for summer weddings, avoiding heavy fabrics like satin may be a better decision while satin fabric may be ideal for weddings during chillier months. Regardless of what fabric you choose, make sure that it is something you feel comfortable in.


Sleeves are a popular trend that can influence a wedding dress choice. For someone looking to conceal their arms or for a bride who prefers a longer sleeve, there are wedding dresses out there. The choice of the sleeve can be used for modesty, cultural significance, or added flair. If you are getting married during warmer months, there are breathable options in sleeves, such as the use of lace or delicately placed sleeves. By providing additional detailing around the arm, any bride can find themselves enjoying a beautifully adorned sleeve.


A train can provide a beautiful addition to any gown, and provide additional shaping for any bride. Trains of dresses can provide added length and stunning drama. While a gorgeous, long train can look stunning during pictures and down the aisle, carting it around during a reception can be difficult. The choice of the length of the train can be significant for a bride though, as too long of a train can overwhelm a petite bride and give the perception that she is drowning in fabric. Too much additional fabric can be heavy and difficult to maneuver and to bustle. For brides who prefer additional drama with a long train can opt for a long cathedral length veil with additional lace or bead detailing or a wedding dress with a detachable overskirt, adding the additional awestruck experience without being weighed down.

Dress Fitting

There are lengthy steps involving a great work from seamstresses and dressmakers to ensure that you will fit perfectly into your beautiful gown. This is one of the reasons why beginning the process early can be helpful, to give you enough time without having to stress over time. At the end of the process, you may find yourself wanting to look picture perfect and may need a small extra push. If you are considering any kind of supplement considering something that has many reviews can be helpful, like checking out thrive reviews to see your options. While many use wedding dresses as an excuse to lose some extra weight, make sure you choose a healthy and safe route and consider consulting a doctor.

Regardless of what you prefer, there is a wedding dress out there for all tastes and body types. Whatever dress you choose, know that you are making a beautiful choice that you can look back on with joy and love.