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Using Confetti & Other Alternatives

Everybody loves confetti photos. They are usually full of life, vibrant, and fun. However, most couples are increasingly becoming more conscious of the environment than ever. They are seeking natural alternatives to traditional confetti. Most wedding venues no longer allow traditional wedding confetti. For that reason, most couples seek out alternatives to confetti during their weddings.


Alternatives to confetti

There are several alternatives to confetti, and you will find an option that suits your budget and tastes. Most wedding photographers in Hertfordshire understand that and provide various alternatives to ensure that your wedding photos still look stunning.


Bubbles are fairly environmentally friendly, cheap, and elegant alternatives to confetti. They do not cause any lasting impact on the environment. However, you need to understand how the bubbles are presented. If they are contained within plastic containers or bottles, you might prefer investing in something like a bubble machine instead of individual bubble wands or pots. Also, you should be conscious of staining, especially if you are wearing a satin or silk dress.


Some types of seeds work better than others, but a prevalent choice is a lavender. Lavender seeds are fragrant and can add an explosion of color to your wedding. They can be acquired rather easily and are environmentally friendly. The seeds are also perfect in size for throwing in the air, and they are not heavy, so nothing is going to knock the couple too hard.


If you are seeking a natural alternative to traditional confetti, leaves are an excellent option. You will find that styled leaves such as eucalyptus or olive leaves will look elegant in a natural boho or rustic setting. Archaic autumn leaves or leaves that have become a bit colored around this season will look beautiful if you are holding your wedding during autumn. This will add a lot more colors to your wedding photos. If you want your confetti to be smaller, consider utilizing a styled hole punch to make shaped wedding confetti out of your leaves. It might require a little more effort, but it is worth your time when you see the remarkable results on your big day.

 Dried or fresh rose petals

Rose petals are a widespread alternative to traditional confetti, and they are also an excellent alternative when it comes to environmental-friendly options for your day. You can decide to have them in just a single color that matches the theme of your wedding, or you can choose various colors to really make your photos colorful. Cones and baskets with rose petals on your aisle can also augment your wedding decorations during the ceremony before using them for photography at the end of the event. You should be careful with utilizing fresh rose petals as you do not want their bright colors to potentially leave a stain on your wedding dress.


There are a lot of both natural and artificial feathers that you can use as an alternative to traditional confetti. Feathers can be used to mark your wedding day exit and will also work well as they take a significantly longer time to reach the ground. You can choose from the various colors that will match the theme of your wedding and take elegant photographs that will ensure that your event is memorable and full of fun. Natural feathers are excellent as they do not cause adverse impacts on the environment and can be easily collected after the event.

 Before you choose any confetti option for your wedding, you should make sure that you check with your wedding venue about what you are authorized to have. Most venues do not permit you to have a confetti option that will cause a mess or adverse impacts on the environment. So, double-check with your venue about what is allowed and what is not allowed and whether they have any suggestions for you. Also, keep in mind that while alternatives like releasing balloons and lanterns might appear more environmentally friendly at the time because they do not produce much mess, they can result in environmental impacts down the road when they do not get back to the ground. Confetti is colorful and fun, making it an excellent picture decoration. Luckily, biodegradable confetti exists, and you don’t have to make any compromises.