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Top 11 Heart-Shaped Places For A Memorable Wedding

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Wherever you go, love is the thing that will always be aboard you. All you need to do is look. Mother nature is the most romantic artist because it makes so many beautiful things we can enjoy. It has made so many natural heart-shaped islands that you can get married at all around the world. If you want to impress your soon to be spouse and all the guests, picking a heart-shaped destination you will most definitely succeed. 

Galesnjak Island, Croatia

Croatia is one of the places that is practically made for couples, because of its fairytale-like settings. It has amazing monasteries and churches. Galesnjak Island is the most magical place you can get married at. It is located near Zadar where you can get on a water taxi to this amazing island and have your majestic wedding while enjoying the beauty of it. It gets better, its famous nickname is Lovers’ Island.

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Lake Antrono, Italy

If you are an adventurous couple then this northern Italy heart-shaped lake is just right for you. There are so many beautiful wonders you can choose to be your wedding spot. From amazing waterfalls to beautiful bridges the options for you are truly magical and memorable. It is surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, so there is no going wrong with this one.

Trnovačko Lake, Montenegro

There is no doubt that this heart-shaped island is having a memorable wedding. This beauty has some of the most breathtaking scenery in Europe, making this island a really popular wedding destination. This perfect island will make a perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. It is a deep green lagoon that has amazing deep green water. This amazing beauty is located two hours from Dubrovnik, which makes it the effect destination for your perfect wedding.

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Llynnau Cwm Silyn, Wales

Wales is known for its magnificent mountain landscapes, forests and valleys. But most people don’t know that it is also home to some stunning sparkling lakes. One of those sparkling lakes is the heart-shaped Llynnau Cwm Silyn, which is just perfect for weddings. It has the most amazing clear blue waters that will make the perfect backdrop for your photos. 

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

This beautiful reef will allow you to make the most memorable wedding ever. It is located on the east coast of Queensland. The easiest way to get to it is by taking one of the aircraft charters from Brisbane. The whole deal with this place is that you can get married underwater. The whole ceremony can be done underwater, the ring exchange, the vows and the paper signing because they have underwater communication devices and waterproof paper for your signatures. And as a plus, you will have the most colourful guests (corals and tropical fish).

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Lake Heart, Russia

If you like cold climate, this beautiful heart-shaped lake is Russia is the way to go. It is located at the Chersky Peak, from which you can see the massive and famous Lake Baikal and the small little heart-shaped Lake Heart. It is named that because of its romantic shape. So if you are adventurous and you want a more unusual wedding this little Russian gem is perfect for you. 

Paleokastritsa Bay, Corfu

This beautiful heart-shaped lake is located in Corfu. It is best known for its sapphire blue water and amazing restaurants. It is just a 30-minute drive from a town called Paleokastritsa, where you can go after your amazing ceremony and enjoy some of the most beautiful 16th-century architecture and some good quality wine and dine restaurants. 

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St Paul’s Bay, Rhodes

Rodos is known as the most romantic place ever. It is true the most perfect place to get married. This amazing island prised possession is the heart-shaped lake St Paul’s Bay, which is surrounded by luscious green hills and olive trees. After your wedding, you can not the beautiful warm water and relax. 

Lake Ouler, Ireland

In the beautiful Wicklow Mountains National Park, there is the most romantic heart-shaped lake Ouler. This lake is a creation that dates back all the way to the Ice Age, it was made by glaciers and it is located on the side of the Tonelagee Mountain. This is also a great option for couples that want a little more untraditional wedding setting. 

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Isla Corazón, Argentinian Patagonia

This is the ultimate heart-shaped island because its name translates to the heat island. It is located in the Nahuel Huapi National Park. This heart-shaped lake is really scenic and relaxing. It’s surrounded by stunning mountains and lushes forests that will make the most beautiful backdrops in your wedding pictures. 

Mecklenburg Lake District, Germany

This cute little island is located in Mecklenburg Lake and it is a part of the largest lake region in Central Europe. The heart-shaped island is uninhabited, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have your perfect wedding ceremony there. You can take a boat rental and have your wedding.

Some people never dreamt about having their dream wedding someplace else then their hometown. Others know that they want to have their special to be somewhere exotic. But if you are not yet set on a particular place to consider some of these destinations might be the one for you and your loved one. These are perfect for couples that are seeking to make an amazing adventure out of their wedding because no one will expect your wedding to be at a heart-shaped island. No matter which one you choose it will make your wedding memorable.