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Tips for Decorating for Your Own Wedding

Your wedding day is a huge deal. You spend months planning and obsessing over every detail to make sure everything is perfect. Perhaps you even went a step further and decided to DIY some or all of the decorations. If that’s the case, that is an excellent way to make your day truly special with a personal loving touch! It does, however, make your wedding day just a touch more involved. Eliminate any possible stress over the decor by keeping these tips in mind.

Make Sure the Space Is Clean

Nothing will ruin the atmosphere of your wedding and reception faster than holding it in a dirty, cluttered space. You should speak with those in charge of the venue well ahead of time and make it clear what you want the room to look like on your wedding day. Be specific on types of tables and chairs, how they will be arranged, and point out anything that will need to be moved or removed.

You should determine how often the venue is cleaned, and make sure that it will be done thoroughly before your wedding. Be specific and request any rug cleaning or other jobs well in advance. A clean area will be the perfect blank canvas to set up the decorations you invested your time into.

Plan Well

If you are going to be making the decorations yourself, you need to plan it out well. Know exactly how many guests you will have, the number of tables, and the size of the area you need to decorate. This information is important so you can buy the right amount of materials for the centerpieces and other things you will be making.

Another to keep in mind is transport. Choose designs that will travel well. You don’t want anything to fall apart and need emergency repair work on the day of the wedding.

Keep It Simple

Keep your selections simple. They can still be beautiful, but unless you have serious artistic talent and unlimited time, you don’t want to attempt hand painted flower vases or something similar. Stick with what you know you can make well, and try it out before buying enough for the whole wedding.

Double Up

Making your own decorations is a big job, so you want to get the most use out of them. Consider using some of your items more than once, if possible. For example, if you made flower or candle arrangements for the reception table centerpieces, why not take a few to the church to have a cohesive theme going?

You can also pick your decorative selections by thinking about what materials you will use in the future. Don’t spend a ton of money on something that will just sit in a box and get dusty afterward. Instead, go with your interests. Do you always have candles scattered around your home? If so, a candle centerpiece is an excellent option that you can reuse later. As a bonus, looking at those candles will remind you of your wedding day!

Enlist Help

Someone is going to need to set up all of these fantastic creations you made, and you’ve already got a lot going on! Ask a few trusted friends or family members to handle the decorating. Keep your choices to individuals who aren’t involved in the bridal party or that already have a big job to do that day. Be sure that you show them exactly how you want it to look. Take a few pictures to include as a reference so there are no mistakes.

Do a Trial Run

Even the most well thought-out plans can hit some snags. To avoid any trouble, do a trial run and assemble a few mock tables to test how quickly and easily your chosen decorations can be set up. This will give you the chance to make any needed adjustments ahead of time.

Wedding planning should be fun, not stressful. Get your friends together, maybe have a few drinks, and make an assembly line to crank out those decorations!