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Throw a Wedding Just Like Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrities

By Cassie Galasetti

OK, so maybe you don’t have the same budget as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did for their lavish wedding in Florence, Italy, but there are still ways you can get that over-the-top, Tinseltown wedding look that will impress even the biggest stars in Hollywood.

First off, the bride will need two dresses. Yes, this can get pricey, but nothing says “celebrity” like a good costume change. For the ceremony itself, many stars keep it classy with a traditional wedding dress. However, when it comes to the reception a streamlined, sleeker look is a bit more favorable (added bonus: it’s easier to dance in!)

If two dresses really can’t fit within your budget a fun and affordable way to get that costume change look is by choosing a convertible wedding dress. Meaning a dress that has removable straps or train that will give your dress a whole new look once removed. This will still create that “BIG REVEAL” at your reception that personifies what a celebrity wedding is all about.

Like a Kardashian budget, you probably don’t have Adele on your speed dial but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a special guest performer on your big day. This is something all celebrities usually have! (Think Ellie Goulding at the Royal Wedding). In your case, maybe it’s a local band that everyone loves or even just a talented friend who wouldn’t mind stealing the spotlight with a cover of you and your new husband’s favorite song. Either way – a special guest appearance will not only surprise everyone but give that one-of-a-kind feel that all stars have on their wedding day.

Obviously flowers at your wedding are a big deal whether you’re Beyoncé or the girl next door, but there are ways you can take it even a step further. Check with your florist to see if they have the ability to construct a flower wall or for those DIY-ers out there, create one yourself! It’s a perfect backdrop for photos, like those red carpet step-and-repeats you see at every Hollywood premiere. A flower wall is an unexpected and stunning way to add luxury to your ceremony or reception.

As you know celebrities celebrate all night long and honestly, so should you. Arrange an after-after party for you and your guests. Check to see if your venue or hotel offers a VIP lounge area that you can use. Keep the theme of your wedding flowing throughout this VIP area, except make it seem more like a club or high end bar with low lights, candles, signature cocktails, bottle service, tailored music with couches and decorative pillows. 

If all else fails – just remember – it’s all in the details. Monogram décor, accessories, DIY centerpieces and one-of-a-kind invitations go a long way!