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The Best Way To Support Your Daughter On Her Wedding Day

As a father, you may have dreamed of the day your little girl would grow up and getting married. This is a day that may have filled you with immense joy and dread all at the same time. While your role will be to hold her hand and walk down the aisle, there are other fatherly duties that you will need to be aware of. The traditions that may have dictated weddings from the past do not always apply, so your role may be a bit unclear. Before you panic and begin to worry, consider some of these roles that you’ll handle and how you’ll navigate these as your little girl becomes a bride.

Wedding Payment

Paying for the wedding traditionally was covered by the bride’s family, however, with changes in the society and varying viewpoints came changes to wedding traditions such as these for many. While you may have plans for how to financially handle the obligations of the wedding, this may be a conversation you have with your daughter and her soon to be husband about finances. Before having this conversation, it is important to understand your current financial situation before diving in. If you need assistance in recovering from some damage to your credit score, this may be the time to look into Chicago credit repair. Regardless of what financial contribution you can offer, it is important to be honest and open with the soon to be married couple before they get into the planning process.

Planning Process

Planning a wedding is a multifaceted process that requires the review of many vendors, many decisions and processing a great deal of information. This can be a huge undertaking for even the most detail-oriented event planner. The planning process may require some input from the father of the bride, however, this is another area that you should allow the couple to decide on. If they would like your input, it is important to be there to support the happy couple. There are often numerous jobs and tasks throughout the wedding process, so when the couple requests it, any assistance you can offer and are able to will likely be appreciated.

Day Of The Wedding

The day of the wedding is a critical part of the process, as this is the big day. A dad can play a key role in the day’s proceedings as there are an endless number of day of tasks for the wedding day, from offering help, to the toast, to the first dance. All of these critical pieces require support from the families. By being the person who can jump in and handle situations on the wedding day, this can be key in helping the couple feel settled in their day. Aside from this, one key task of the day is to give the toast at the reception. While many become nervous by public speaking, by offering a brief, but personable thank you, sharing memories, wishing the newlyweds well and offering useful life advice, this is sure to win over the crowd. These special moments are sure to live in the happy couples’ minds forever.

Supporting The Couple

While weddings are momentous events that bring an immeasurable amount of joy, marriages go far beyond that singular day. After the wedding day, every couple needs additional support from their families as they traverse life’s journeys. While they are venturing out into this new life together, they will still need your support. It is important to keep in mind that while your little girl got married, she will forever be your daughter. The momentous occasion of getting married highlights the start of a new chapter of her life, but she will continue to need your advice, support and love.

Dads play a pivotal role in a daughter’s life, especially on her wedding day. It may seem like the job of being a dad is lessened, but she will forever be your daughter, today, tomorrow and always. Keep this in mind as you take on your role as Father of the Bride and you’ll be sure to support the beautiful couple on their big day with flying colors.