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Wedding Wishing WellOne of the long-standing wedding traditions that has withstood the changes we’ve seen throughout the years is the infamous wishing well. More recently, we’ve seen couples altering the idea of a wishing well into an advice box. The idea of sharing a golden nugget of advice with the bride and groom still gets the wedding guests excited for the couple’s road ahead.

There is an infamous piece of advice for new couples that we’ve read and still believe to be true today – a successful marriage requires falling in love over and over again, always with the same person. Reflecting on this, as newly weds or a more seasoned couple, it is hard to deny that this is the best advice to live by everyday in your relationship. Now, there is something to cherish about the more playful tips your outlandish friends may put in this advice box but take it all in for good laughs, warm wishes and a lifetime of happiness ahead!

For the newly weds, reading the brief notes left for them by each of their guests can be a fun night over a glass of wine and many laughs in your first few weeks of marriage. Even more so if you save these and pull out the advice cards for an anniversary – 5, 10 or even 20 years after the big day! You never know what your family and friends will say and sometimes the best advice can come from a surprising source.