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The ABCs of Bridesmaid Gifts

Choosing a great bridesmaid gift is as easy as A, B, C. Look down the list for some inspirational ideas.


Save yourself the trouble of running all over town for the perfect gift. Amazon gift cards may seem unoriginal, but there is hardly a bridesmaid who wouldn’t love to pick out something for themselves.


If your wedding theme is country chic, consider giving all your bridesmaids personalized burlap bags. You can fill the bag with an assortment of hair products they might need to get ready on the big day.


There are so many beautiful styles, colors and fragrances of candles. Give each bridesmaid one that fits her personality or create a bundle of your favorite scents.


A velvet dresser organizer is an unusual gift that someone might not buy for themselves. It’s a great way to keep any wedding jewelry or special small mementoes organized and tarnish-free.


Give each bridesmaid a pair of matching earrings. Simple pearl studs are classic, and tiered fringed earrings are more modern. Choose what best goes with the dresses.


A set of free weights will be most appreciated by your bridesmaids who are health conscious. Choose a low weight set and work off some of the stress together before the big day.


The great thing about a gift basket is that you can fill it with whatever you want such as bath salts, silk pajamas, colorful flip-flops or satin pillowcases. If you have a long time to plan, buy the baskets first and fill them over several months.


Everyone carries hand sanitizer, but not all hand sanitizer is the same. Find a company that produces high-end sanitizer that won’t dry your hands and smells good. If need be, buy it in bulk and repackage it in cute little bottles tied with ribbons.


If you live near an area that hosts a farmers’ market, scoop up a few homemade jellies and jams. Pair them with crackers and cheese, and the delicious treats will be just the thing to stave off hunger before the wedding.


A set of sweet-smelling lotions is always a welcome gift. Buy a set of soaps and lotions and wrap them in a pretty hand towel. Choose a different scent for each bridesmaid or give out your favorite.


There is never enough mirror space in the bride’s room, so giving each bridesmaid her own mirror is both thoughtful and practical. Pretty jeweled compacts are also nice.


A great personalized gift is a name necklace for each bridesmaid. For those with long names, initial necklaces work well too.


If your attendants are foodies, a gift box of infused olive oil might be the way to go. Garlic, black truffle and herb are popular flavors that make salads fun to eat. To make it special, you could infuse the oil yourself with fresh herbs.


Perfume may seem like too personal a gift, but one way to make sure everyone’s scents don’t clash with each other at the reception is to request that each bridesmaid where one of your choosing on your special day.


Satin robes are luxurious gifts that most people wouldn’t buy for themselves but are fun to wear. Get them embroidered with each girl’s initials to make them extra special.


A silver picture frame is a classic gift. Simple or fancy, it will be cherished for years to come. Follow up later with a picture of you with your attendants.


A terrarium kit could add a little Zen into each bridesmaid’s day. Set aside some time before the big event to relax and arrange the little gardens. Everyone will no doubt feel more relaxed afterwards.


The sweet musical sound of a small wind chime will remind your girls of the great time you spent together leading up to your big day.

There is no reason to stick with the standard coffee mug gift for your gals. Choose something interesting and memorable, just like your special day.