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Ten Tips to Get your Home Organized and Photoshoot Ready for your Wedding Day

If your wedding is local, home is where your day begins. The morning of is one of the best parts of the day: you’re surrounded by all of the females closest to you, getting pampered by hair and makeup professionals, hopefully drinking a little bubbly and enjoying some light breakfast foods. In order to really bask in this part of your big day, it’s important to make sure your home is photoshoot ready ahead of time. Here are some of my favorite tips to stay organized and prepare your home for some of the most important photos you’ll ever take. 

1.Clean and/or de-clutter any areas where photos will be taken. Depending on your space, this could mean a whole project or just a quick day before tidy up. If budget allows, hire a professional organizer and cleaning service to handle these tasks.

2.Keep your home decor simple. Candles to create ambiance and white string lights are two of my favorite ways to create a simple, but elegant aesthetic. 

3.Make sure there is plenty of natural light filtering through. Change your curtains to a white sheer for a simple backdrop. 

4.Fill the area with fresh flowers or greens in various sizes jars. You can have your florist arrange them, or buy some fresh cuts from your local grocery store and diy. 

5.Make sure your bathroom is ready for your guests. It should be fully stocked with toilet paper, fresh towels and hand soap. 

6.Place breakfast order and schedule the delivery days in advance. Buy all of your bubbly or alcohol of choice days in advance as well. Have your food and drink table all set up the day before. Use throw- away place settings. 

7.Hang your dress and veil, and put your shoes and jewelry out the night before. 

8.Have your girls arrive early on your wedding day. Choose a start time that will allow everyone time to get ready with no rushing involved. 

9.Create a timeline for the day. You can work with your photographer and other professionals to create one. 

10.Chose a designated spot where bridesmaids should keep all suitcases, bags, etc. Keep that spot out of photos. No clutter! 

Need help with adding that special touch to really make your home everything it can be and more? Use a professional! 

Most importantly, bask in your day. Enjoy every moment. After months and months of planning, your wedding day is finally here! 


About the Author

Ashley is a home designer and organizer located in Central Jersey.  Her professionalism, kindness, and special touch to a room is what people love about her. She is able to transform any room to make it romantic and special, while grasping the personality of her clients.