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Some Groom Look To Excite You

Selecting a groom look for your wedding depends upon time, situation, theme and budget. Whether you want to hire a suit from a reputable vendor or want to get it tailored for yourself and groomsmen, your wedding must go gorgeous and glamorous as it will be your once in a lifetime experience. Hence make the most of your wedding experience.

Below are some new trends to excite your guests and most of all your family, friends and your better half, this wedding season.

Modern-Day City Look
Patterns are being the big news this year as they are the perfect blend of style and decency. Checks and dense prints are great for church, country and rustic weddings while spotted and subtle patterns work best for city celebrations. They give a sense of perfect mix and match for every occasion. You can go bold and playful with these prints as it gives you a creative room. If you want something more subtle, printed and patterned bows and ties along with metal braces go well with them.

Traditional 4 Pc Look
Four-piece suits are evergreen and keep coming back with a vengeance because they look fantastic on every occasion. Modern-day grooms fix things up by mixing the coordinating look with the mixes of accessories. They opt for an entire mix and match look. It is not necessary to make the whole suit with the same fabric; you can add patterns and laidback look with different colors. Also, double-breasted waistcoats with bold checks and slim fit lounge suits looked great with a one-tone tie and chained broaches.

Bow Tie Looks With Floral
For winter weddings and sophisticated formal gatherings, the elegance of bow ties with decorative braces is making an official coming back. Also, a classic tuxedo with black looks perfect for formal affairs and wedding parties when worn and carried elegantly. You can finish your look with monogrammed shirts, patent shoes, and plain bow-tie to get all the eyes on you.

A Touch Of Burgundy
According to Stella Lincoln, the head of designing department at King Essay, “Modern-day grooms are making these shades popular with a touch of contrasting tones to compliment the decency”. To avoid conventional tones like navy blue, traditional grey, bottle green, new shades of burgundy is the reliable replacement. Wine red, reddish-purple and maroons are included in burgundy shades.

Black Is The Best Trend
For a nighttime wedding, sticking to the darker shades is a good option. Tones like; Navy blues, dark greens and rich burgundy can look amazing as they are always trending bold colors; while, the charm of black cannot be denied. Hence, if you want to wear something super formal this wedding season, don’t be afraid to go with black.

Get Royal Is The New Trend
From the last two years, royal weddings have influenced wedding wears to an extent. We won’t recommend you to go for a full military look; however, you can wear a stylish royalty inspired style to impress your guests. Tail suits are back in fashion thanks to royal weddings of 2018. Double-breasted waistcoats with a stunning tie can complement your whole look. Don’t forget to match them with pointed lees shoes. Academist Help’s Lifestyle Magazine Consultant Richard emphasizes that “If you are planning a timeless, classic and stylish wedding, then tail suits are the most suited option.”

Play With Contrast
It is always good to play with colors and patterns to give your viewers a unique and fresh look. Everyone is bored from conventional groom dressings, add mix match of color, fabric, and designs to make your dress bold and appealing. Being creative doesn’t mean you have to be a style statement for kids, be elegant as much as possible but don’t hesitate to experiment.

Suspenders For An Outdoor Wedding
Adding suspenders to your outfit is another modern idea to make grooms feel relaxed and comfortable. It is ideal for a casual wedding concept. The style contains braces or suspenders in both functional and decorative manner. It gives the perfect attire for a ritual image of modern- day outdoor wedding.

Match White With The Bride
White is considered a sign of purity, and it was the official color of wedding attire for both bride and groom in the Victorian era. You can style in white, matching your bride from head to toe to keep the look pure, decent and sophisticated.

Shades Of Grey & Silver
Have you ever thought about adding patterns to your bottoms for your wedding wear? If no, then give it a second thought. Adding shades of grey and silver with designs to your wedding. Outfit can be a perfect suit for the ceremony

Tuxedo Is Evergreen
Yes, we are recommending you to try a traditional tuxedo style that meets the new criteria of fashion. If you are looking for a style statement along with the magic of money, tuxedos are always the best choice to fit in making you look one in a million.


After deciding your suit for your big day, keep your accessories simple yet stylish. You can wear a wristwatch or pocket watch or smartwatch to add style along with formal shoes and complementing ties. Don’t forget the socks and keep your top button done up until the end of the ceremony. Be on the edge of a classic gentlemen style this wedding season.

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