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Small ‘Thank you’ gift ideas for your Bridesmaids

You have chosen the perfect bridesmaids among your family and friends, and you want to thank them for their help with the wedding preparations with a special gift. We propose 12 ideas that they will surely love.

Before the big day, the bride must make an endless list of decisions, many with her partner, but many others with the invaluable help of a select group of friends who, surely, will be her bridesmaids. They will accompany you to help choose the wedding dress that best suits you, they will advise you on the most fashionable wedding makeup and hairstyles and they will organize the perfect bridal shower. A good way to show thanks for their support is to prepare unique wedding gifts – in some cases even personalized – that show how special you are to them and they are for you. Here are 12 suggestions that will surely help you make the perfect gift.

Special jewelry for the wedding

Choose a special piece of jewelry for your bridesmaids. You have several options: it can be a necklace, a bracelet, some earrings… Of course, it is advisable that you choose something that will fit perfectly with their outfits and their taste.

Everyone knows that jewelry is forever, and these pieces will be even more valuable because they will be perfect mementos of your time together on your wedding day. You can choose timeless pieces or those that go best with your wedding style. If you are looking for inspiration you can find more on JewelryJealousy.com

A perfume

If you have chosen the fragrance for your wedding and you think it is an aroma that they will like, don’t hesitate to give them “your” perfume. It will be a scent that will remain in everyone’s memory. However, if you notice that one likes citrus notes more and the other sweet, you can choose a different fragrance for each bridesmaid.

Bracelet corsage

Although the flower bouquets to put on the wrist are an ornament implanted among the Anglo-Saxons, little by little they are also becoming popular in our country. Without a doubt, this is an accessory that will bring freshness to your bridal look.

Bouquets of flowers

It is common for bridesmaids to carry a small bouquet of flowers while they accompany you on the way to the altar. The usual thing in these cases is that it is the same original bridal bouquet that you have chosen, but smaller. They can be an exact replica of a smaller size or be made with some of the flowers of your wedding bouquet.

A girl’s night

You can create new memories and share together this turning point in your life through your bachelorette party. Have fun together and make your bridesmaids feel important. Make them know that they will always be a big part of your life.

Makeup session

Another option is that you pay the expenses of professional makeup artists for your wedding. It is a practical option and your bridesmaids will be very happy that they get to show off their beauty on such a happy day for everyone.

Party dresses

Since your bridesmaids have helped you choose the whole outfit, from the dress to the wedding shoes, you can help them choose their party dresses. Remember that it can be the same for all or a different design for each one, but with the same color as a common denominator. If they decide to go identical, thanks to these details that you are going to give them they will feel super special and unique.