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Simple Tips for Newlyweds to Have a Modern Design for Their New House

Newlywed couples are stepping into a wonderful stage of their life. It is finally time to design a home that is just the way the two of you want it, however, this can be just as stressful as it is exciting. There are so many decisions to be made and so many options to pick from! To keep the process fun, here are a few tips on creating an abode that is sleek and contemporary, as well as caters to all the needs of a modern couple. Take notes!

Talk it out

Before you begin, the best thing to do would be deciding what you actually want to go for. The two of you might have clashing styles or you might simply not know what you like, so get inspired and browse around together a bit. Look up ideas online, go window shopping, share your opinion. This is an important step in designing your home, and an important step in steering clear of conflict. So, stay patient and find a common ground, and you’ll already be on the right path.

Keep it minimal

You are probably excited about decorating your first home together. However, it’s important to know when to stop. A minimalist design is almost synonymous with a modern one, so make sure you keep things simple. When picking furniture, choose sleek, minimalist pieces with clean lines. To prevent clutter, think ahead and incorporate more storage than you think you’ll need. Install recessed cabinets in the bathroom to keep the design polished, and add extra drawers to your kitchen. Less is sometimes more, so hold back on the decoration – it can be adjusted later when you’re already settled in.

Stick to neutral colors

Until now, both of you probably had total autonomy over their space. It might have been a no brainer for you to choose your favorite lavender shade for your bedroom or make your bathroom pastel pink, while your husband might have preferred dark and earthy hues in his space. Needless to say, the two don’t work together, nor should you try to make them. Instead of creating a color catastrophe when picking your wall paints, you should try to find a common ground. Going for neutral colors is the safest idea. They are timeless, they bring in a modern edge, and they look good with any style, so there is practically no room for error. Go for natural shades like beige or this year’s signature color, Ultimate Gray. Add a pop of color with accents instead of bathing the walls in striking shades. 

Bring in the natural light

To create a home that feels spacious and open, you need to utilize all the natural light you can get. This means that you should try to include lots of large windows in your house design, if possible. Nothing opens up the space better than a floor-to-ceiling window that overlooks your backyard. It will also bathe your living area in plenty of natural light, creating a pleasant atmosphere that needs no artificial lighting during daytime. In addition, with a little foresight, you can utilize natural light even further. Install skylights or an innovative sky tunnel that will cut your electricity bills in the future and allow you to save money in a smart way, with zero effort. 

Say yes to glass

As you can already guess, glass is a preferable material to incorporate in your home design. But beyond windows and skylights, there are also other ways of using glass to boost the spaciousness of your home. When designing your bathroom, for instance, do not settle for any less than a glass shower door. A glass shower cabin, preferably a frameless one, will add class and spaciousness to your bathroom. Such a shower cabin door does not obstruct the view, lets more light into that corner, and looks infinitely more upscale than any shower curtain. Glass also makes your interior look more contemporary with its polished and shiny surface, so going for glass accessories will boost the look of any room.

Choose the right light fixtures

As we already mentioned, light plays an important role in how your interior design will look. No matter how nicely you decorate your home, if there is not enough illumination, the space will look cramped and shabby. When daylight is not available, you have to make up for it with the appropriate kind of fixtures. Forget about incandescent lights – LEDs not only provide a more pleasant glow, but they are also much more energy-efficient. No modern household can go for any less. In addition to choosing the right fixtures, think about the little extras that would bring luxury into your everyday life. For instance, adding a dimmer switch to your new bedroom does not cost a lot but it can create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. These kind of small things can make a big difference in the overall result.

Keep the bedroom tech-free

It might be tempting to finally add that large-screen TV to your bedroom you have always dreamed of, but the truth is that it has no place in your bedroom. Your bedroom should remain as tech-free as possible. While this might sound counterintuitive when designing a modern house embedded with tech, a bedroom where you can relax without the noise of TV is what a newlywed couple needs. Focus on each other in this space and do away with all the distractions. 

Make the bathroom comfortable

The bathroom is a crucial area in any home. It has a lot of functions, so it needs to be organized, but we also spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom so it needs to be comfortable and practical. Make your bathroom extra comfortable with a few small additions that will add luxury to mundane activities. A towel warmer, for instance, will be invaluable when you step out of the shower during winter months. Hygiene is also of the utmost importance, so make sure your bathroom has high standards. A smart toilet seat can be a game changer in your everyday life and it doesn’t even break the bank or take up space. Finally, don’t forget to add some seating. Something as simple as a stool or chair can turn your bathroom into one from the magazines – and it will be so much more comfortable to sit down while you’re grooming yourself!

Splurge on practicality

When you’ve got all the basics down, then it’s time to think about the extras. Today, technology is at our fingertips so it would be crime not to leverage all it has to offer in order to make our lives easier. If both of you hate to do the chores (let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then getting appliances that will do the hard lifting for you sounds like a good investment. For instance, why not get a robot vacuum that will keep your floors clean at all times? Or if you’re prone to losing your keys, why not get a smart lock you can control with your smartphone? If you want to stay eco-conscious and save money in the long term while also keeping your home comfortable, a smart thermostat that will optimize the temperature at all times will boost your quality of life. While you don’t necessarily need to make everything “smart,” thinking about your needs and splurging on what will make your lives easier can only be a good idea.

Bring in some personality

Finally, designing a modern home does not mean that it should be void of personality. While you should certainly not clutter the space with a lot of knick-knacks that will only collect dust, you should try to make the space feel more personal and less like a hotel. Adding small personal touches will not disturb your design, but it will add that familiarity that only the two of you see. Adding a few photos of your wedding and honeymoon is a good start. Mementos you collected on your travels together can also come. If you have an art piece that you have always loved or has some significance to your relationship, it can be the perfect focal point. Decorating your living room with such items will be a good conversation starter in addition to making you feel at home.

Home renovations are always a challenge, but take this as the first challenge of your married life. Make sure you listen to each other’s wishes and find a compromise in all matters – after all, this is what you signed up for when you said your vows! Hopefully, the aforementioned tips gave you a good starting point for creating a space that’s modern and caters to all your needs. Make sure not to skimp on the things that will save you a lot of headache in the long term!

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