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Scheduling Your Wedding During A Holiday
By Elegant Bridal Productions

We get it, scheduling your wedding on a holiday weekend can be extremely convenient; however, there are many pros and cons to booking it on these days.  Before you book, check out everything you need to know about scheduling your wedding on a holiday weekend.

Less Expensive
So you found the venue of your dreams, but it is just so darn expensive? Well, on a holiday weekend venues drop their prices significantly lower.  Be sure to check with your venue about these special days, considering they aren’t ideal for every couple. So saddle up because you just might be able to have the wedding of your dreams, without the expensive price tag.  

Most of your guests will be off
Booking your wedding on one of these weekends almost guarantees that your guests will already be off from work.  Whether it is Labor Day, Memorial Day, Good Friday, or Thanksgiving, guests will have those extra days off to make a weekend of your wedding if they don’t already have plans!  

Not everyone will attend
What better place to spend a holiday than with all of your family and friends?  Well, this may not be the case for everyone. Many times guests like to use their holiday weekends for vacations or mini getaways so when they are invited to a wedding, they are often reluctant to attend.  So don’t find it strange if many of the people you thought were going to attend end up backing out. It isn’t any offense to you and your boo, however, many people look forward to their time off and do not want to jam back their holiday weekend with plans.

Picking a theme can come easy
If you are a creative couple, use the holiday as a theme for your wedding.  Whether you are doing red, white, and blue flowers for Fourth of July or champagne and glitter for New Year’s Eve, tying the holiday into your wedding decor can make it that much more fun for you and your guests.  

Traffic, traffic, and more traffic
Because you have decided to get married on a holiday, you must add in some extra time to your wedding schedule.  Be mindful of allocating extra time for your vendors to arrive and for your guests to get to your ceremony and reception for they may be sitting in traffic to get there!  This will not be a typical weekend so plan ahead and be sure to have a backup plan if traffic does occur.

Having a wedding on a holiday weekend has its pros and cons.  Some couples go for it, while others opt for another option. Either way, be mindful of the tips listed above and most of all, enjoy planning the wedding of your dreams.