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Rustic Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day

Are you getting married and love the idea of a rustic wedding theme? If you are a country girl or a country girl at heart, there are some great rustic wedding ideas. From your dress to your flowers to your reception hall, a rustic theme is sure to be a hit. Your guests will enjoy the beauty that comes from a country wedding, complete with a barn and horseshoes! Some of the best ideas for this type of theme are built around the decorations. It is simple to include a variety of rustic decor as you decorate your reception venue.



As you consider decorations, mason jars, rope, grapevine wreaths and rusty metal may all play a part. One great way to use mason jars is as wedding favors for your guests. Using chalk paint, make a square on the front of the jar and attach a piece of chalk with some rope. Guests pick their jar, write their names on it in chalk and then use it for their drinks during the reception. At the end of the evening, they can take it home.


Another great decorating idea is to use pumpkins. Pumpkins make great centerpieces and can be used for decorations throughout the reception area. One great idea is to use a drill to make holes in a pattern on the pumpkin. Set an electric votive inside and light. The patterns show up and add an air of festivity to the night.


An Old Barn

One of the most popular wedding choices for this type of theme is to hold either the ceremony or the reception in an old barn. There are many wedding venues which have remodeled barns that still look rustic, but are equipped with all the modern conveniences. When searching for a wedding venue, check out several locations. Walk around the reception hall or wedding site and look at the various views. It is also important to verify what is located next to the wedding venue. This is especially important if you are having an outdoor wedding in the country. Nothing spoils the wedding ambiance that a herd of cows mooing over the Preacher.

Rustic Dessert Buffet

Depending on what you are serving your guests at the reception, you could plan a dessert buffet with a rustic theme. Consider providing your guest’s popcorn in a lined apple basket. Stack bags and a selection of flavored salts nearby so guests can make up their popcorn bag themselves. Another great rustic theme idea is a cookie bar. Place plates of different cookies and candy on log stumps wrapped with twine. Put the name of the treat on a paper heart and attach it to the log.

Cake Choice

Of course, no rustic wedding would be complete without the right cake. Ask your baker or caterer for ideas or design your own. One cute themed wedding cake is a cake made to look like stacked logs. The wedding couple’s initials are carved into the cake and succulents or fresh flowers are added as decoration.

These rustic wedding ideas should help as you plan your wedding. Keep it simple and country and you’re sure to have a great time!

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