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Pro Tips For A Budget Friendly Wedding

Over the past few years, planning weddings have become an expensive affair. On average, couples spend a hefty sum of around $30,000, and that does not even include honeymoon expenses, mind you- on their wedding day to make it a life-time memorable and special event. 

Have you been thinking the same all this time? What a perfect dream wedding cannot be pulled off on a budget? No- that’s really not the case. 

A perfect wedding does not mean having to spend thousands of dollars; in fact, a perfect wedding is the compatibility and union of two souls who are willing to stay together for the rest of their lives. 

Therefore your wedding should not cost you an arm or a leg in order to make it the best day of your life. 

But, hang on dreamers that do not mean that you cannot have a wonderful and memorable wedding planned on a budget! Don’t panic! We have listed down some tips here to guide you regarding having a cost-effective wedding celebration.

8 Wedding-Budget Tips to Help You Save Money

So, let’s quickly discuss some of the most effective tips that will help you save money during the wedding

  1. Stick to A Budget

Well, getting together and discussing your wedding budget with your future spouse and your family is the best you can do. You might hesitate at first to state your budget and talk about it openly but keep in mind you are only doing it for yourself and your spouse’s better future.

You would not want to be paying your wedding loans up until your sixth anniversary. 

As far as budgeting is considered, it is always a good idea to allocate a budget for different areas to give you a better idea of how you are going to spend money in each area. 

Once allocated you will have fewer chances of losing track and will work accordingly to achieve your targets. You can do as follows by allocating particular percentages to each area:

  • Ceremony: 25%
  • Photography: 5%
  • Dress: 6%
  • Event Organizer: 8%
  • Decoration: 2%
  • Other Things: 3%

Though you might even increase or decrease the percentages depending on what’s more important for you. For example, instead of hiring a professional photographer, you may even ask your friend to do the needful. 

Or you might just get together with your friends and lookup for DIY projects for decorating your wedding venue, rather than investing heavily in flowers and formal decoration.

  1. Opt for a Naturally Beautiful Outdoor Venue

Choosing a right place for your wedding can be a toilsome task since some towns and cities are way too expensive. Your one-day wedding venue expenses could be equivalent to a university’s half-yearly tuition fees. And at the end of the day, it is never a good idea to spend money unwisely.

So what you can do is to select a naturally beautiful place as your wedding destination. Just keep in mind to check all the weather updates and everything so that you might not end up badly drenched in rain on your big day!

  1. Set An Off-Peak Month Wedding Date

Peak seasons and months are more expensive than off-peak times. And since you are in no competition with anybody, skip the showy things and get yourself out the easier way. You could save up to half your money by opting for a low-key wedding especially in the off-season. 

Moreover, the plus point is that by going with an off-season date you have more chances of getting your favorite vendors for decoration, photography, and of course, food booked – since there are relatively fewer bookings and more resources available.

  1. Go with A Small Guest-List

Have you heard the cliché, ‘less is more’? You have got to follow this approach to swiftly get along with your wedding budget. The more people you add to your list – the more you consequently add up to your expenses! 

A close family-knit affair is much better than a big crowd and comparatively less expensive as well. With each extra guest you invite, you pay an extra per head for the drinks and food that they are served. 

So it’s kind of an agreement and a decision between you and your partner to decide on what’s more important for you people – inviting a long list of guests, or going with a simpler close relatives’ list only. On agreement, you can cut down your list to narrow down to a few guests only. This would surely help to cut back your wedding expenses.

  1. Go for A Personal Wedding and Skip Inessential Things

A simple immediate-family-wedding-affair is less costly than a lavish wedding with fancy things. By sticking to your budget you will have a more realistic approach to decide what’s necessary or if it’s just a mere wastage of money.

A good way of skipping inessential things is to ask your friends and family members to avoid giving you gifts by exchanging them with wedding help. 

A lending hand is always a blessing. Photographers, singers, or pianists – friends with benefits – all are welcome!

Instead of spending boatloads of money on natural flowers for your wedding, which are sure to die in a few hours or so, you can opt for fake flowers to get along with your wedding décor.

  1. Buy Your Big Day Dress from A Sale

You can save a big fat sum of money by buying your wedding dress on sale. Dresses make a fairly large sum of your overall budget and by choosing from a sale you can save a heck lot of money. Make sure to hit the shop on a weekday since weekend sales are way too much crowded. 

  1. Go for E-Invites

Design your wedding invitation yourself! It is as easy as it sounds. Choose a template from the ones provided on the internet and make your classy invites. There are multiple tools available online through which you can create some amazing content for your wedding invitation cards. These tools include, Fotor, Pexels, Grammarly, Hemingway App, and cheap assignment writing service.

This would certainly save up the printing cost and also save you from the trouble of physically handing it down to your guests. 

  1. Use DIY projects for Decor and Set-up

Want to save big money on your wedding day? Follow DIY projects to come up with amazing ideas for decorating and setting up your wedding venue. However, only do DIY projects that you are completely sure about otherwise you might lose a lot of your valuable time and efforts.


You might have long thought about your dream wedding. However, it is quite important to understand the fact that marriage is a union of two souls – it is more about love. Celebrations that ought to end in a day or two should not leave you in debt in the long run. 

Therefore, it is highly important to look at the brighter side of what’s more important for you rather than ending up with zero credit in your bank account at the end of the day. 

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