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Most Beautiful Traditional Wedding Flowers

Wedding functions are incomplete without flowers. With the combination of traditional and modern flowers, you can increase the elegance of your special day. Feel free to arrange flowers yourself or ask professionals to send flower arrangements on the wedding day.

You will have abundant choices of material, arrangements, greenery and flowers. Narrow down some flowers to make things easy. Here are some beautiful traditional wedding flowers to increase the specialty of the wedding day.

Beautiful Roses

Roses are a symbol of love and beauty. Several fairy tales are associated with roses. Romantic poets and writers use flowers as beauty, passion, true love and emotion. Wedding is incomplete without roses. You can buy bicolor varieties of roses. Moreover, these flowers are available in solid hues. 

There are tripped and striped roses to increase the elegance of your wedding venue. Commercially, more than 3,000 varieties of beautiful roses are available. Fortunately, several varieties are available throughout the year. 

Remember, red roses are easy to afford and accessible. These flowers are associated with beauty and luxurious fragrance. For the wedding, three types of flowers are famous, such as hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses. Hybrid tea roses are uniformly shaped and classic roses available at local florists. 

Moreover, spray roses have 5 – 10 small heads on every stem. Garden roses are old-fashioned and expensive varieties with delicious scents.

Versatile Tulips

Beautiful tulips are from the Netherlands and native to Persia. It represents happiness and love. Remember, the tulip will be a meaningful choice for the wedding. This flower is available in different hues, such as peach, yellow, pink, and cream and white. Moreover, you can buy them in vibrant shades, including red, purple, orange and magenta.

Tulips are available during the year. Remember, common varieties of tulips are affordable and easy to access. Rare tulips may be expensive. With beautiful tulips, you can enhance casual venues and wedding settings. Dutch tulips, French tulips and parrot tulips are famous varieties.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies, also known as arum lilies, are elegant and trumpet-shaped flowers. These are from Africa and symbolize magnificent beauty. The distinctive form of calla lily makes them famous in art deco and art nouveau work.

Two types of calla lilies are famous, such as a large-headed variation with a smooth, long stem. This type is famous for a presentation-style bouquet and tall arrangements. You can also try a miniature type for boutonnieres and small arrangements. 

Remember, calla lilies are available in dark purple, mauve-pink, orange and yellow. It can be an ideal choice for cold-weather and edgier wedding bouquets.


Voluminous blooms of hydrangea make it a popular choice for a wedding bouquet. You can use two sparingly to increase the beauty of the bouquet. Feel free to use them as a centerpiece. They look like a beating heart and symbolize emotion and perseverance. 

The flower exudes elegance and femininity in white or pale pink. Stems of this flower can fill up wedding bouquets. You can find these flowers in different shades. These flowers are suitable to create volume and texture in decorations and bouquet. 

They are flexible in style and theme. Feel free to add these flowers in a glass jar to give them a magical touch. If you are suffering from an allergy, you can choose these flowers.

Lily of the Valley

The bell-shape small florets dangle from a tinny stem. This flower is also known as the ladder to paradise. The aromatic, fresh scent from these flowers is distinctive. As per Norse mythology, this flower is associated with the springtime goddess. These flowers were used in the royal wedding of Kate Middleton.

These flowers bloom in the spring season and can be expensive. You can use some stems to infuse a centerpiece or bouquet with its delicate texture and pleasant fragrance. This flower is available in rosy-pink and white colors. 


These are valuable for their impressive beauty and delicacy. The flowers have a bright color and voluminous perfume. This flower is cultivated in Asia and developed by French people. Peony is available in two types, such as the tree peony and the herbaceous peony.

A peony bouquet looks beautiful for brides. Moreover, you can use peony to create beautiful arrangements and centerpieces. These may be grown in double- and single-flower styles. Peony flowers are expensive and seasonally available. You can find them easily in spring and early summer. In the fall season, you can import these flowers.


Meaning of Stephanotis is marital happiness, and these are the best choices for weddings. The waxy, star shape florets grow on a flowering vine. Every wine should be wired and situated on a particular holder. Remember, blossoms of this bouquet look beautiful in the hands of the bride. For formal weddings, a stephanotis boutonniere is an excellent choice. It is mildly scented and available the entire year.

Sweet Peas

The sweet pea means lasting pleasure. These flowers have ruffled blossoms and candy-like scent. Sweet peas look beautiful in bouquets for bridesmaids and brides. This flower is available in several colors, such as purple, intense pink and white. The scent of this flower may be sweet and strong.


Waxy, dark green leaves surround the gardenia. These flowers have a sultry, strong scent. You can use them as a centerpiece or float in a low bowl. Remember, gardenia looks beautiful in bouquets. This flower is more expensive than others.      

Cascading Bouquet

If you need a traditional style for a bridal down the passageway, you can choose a cascade bouquet. This old-style is still famous because of its unique style and beauty. It got fame at the wedding of the beautiful Princess Diana.

Feel free to choose any size of the flower, but large ones can be the best flowers. You will need them in bulk to make a bouquet. This bouquet involves small flowers and foliage to make a trail. The flowers must drip down toward the base of the bouquet to create a cascading impact. 

You can give a modern twist to the bouquet by using non-traditional materials, such as dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus leaves, cotton blooms, and sweet peas.