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Meditation Before Weddings: Why Should You Do It?

The wedding day is a day filled with a lot of emotions. There is excitement, nervousness, happiness, doubt, and stress. All these characterize what are known as the wedding jitters. 

Its normal for couples and even the family to have such feelings! But they can be hard to deal with during a particularly emotional time. In order to fully enjoy the day, be present at the moment, and clearly remember the things that happen, meditation can help. 

Why Should You Meditate Before the Wedding?

Meditation has lots of benefits like improved sleep, less stress, improved blood pressure, reduced anxiety and even weight loss. It is a great way to center and calm yourself so you can become more focused. For weddings, here are some reasons meditation helps:

  1. Relieves Stress Due To Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is highly stressful. It might seem that there are only a few major decisions to make, especially if you hire a wedding planner. But the truth is, there are still several large decisions, and countless small decisions to make. You need to figure out all the details that go into your wedding. From the decorations to the cake tasting, it can feel overwhelming.

Making decisions isn’t the only stressful part about planning a wedding. Trying to meet the demands, opinions, and expectations of others can also cause a lot of stress for the couple. Plus, you will almost certainly also get stressed looking at the expenses!

When personal deadlines aren’t met or when they are coming close, couples can also feel pressured. Meditation can help deal with this kind of stress. It helps you think clearly so you can make better decisions and be able to handle the hectic schedules.

  1. Relieves Physical Manifestations Of Stress

Mindful meditation can also help couples to get rid of psychological symptoms of anxiety and depression that can lead to physical pains like headaches. With meditation, stress hormones can be reduced and stress-related pains are avoided. You have the opportunity to step back, calm down, and process things more clearly.

  1. Helps With Wedding Jitters

Meditation can be done on the day of the wedding, but it would be best if it is done regularly months leading to the date of the wedding. Sure it’s great to have a long 30+minute sit per day, but you often get much of that benefit with only 5-10 minutes per day. 

The day of the wedding can bring lots of emotions, anxiety, and stress. Although it should be a day of great joy, this emotion can be tempered by anxiety and distraction during this most important time. 

Through meditation, the couple can feel better connected with the present moment their experiences. This helps the couple to better enjoy the moment and stay connected with each other — as well as their guests. 

Don’t worry if you’re not a pro at meditating! Even beginners can benefit from it. Simple meditation like focus on the breath in the belly, or at the tip of the nose can be done by anyone, and can bring positive results. 

  1. Eases Relationship Tension

A wedding is an occasion where family and friends all gather together for the sake of the couple. They may not all get along with each other very well, but they still come to celebrate. Meditation involving not only the couple but also all the guests can help ease this tension. 

With meditation, some guests may better be able to handle tense situations. This can help make a more peaceful wedding celebration. 

Similarly, if the couple has any mixed emotion or tension with the other people at their wedding, or even with their partner, meditation can help. The opportunity to step back a bit is always welcome during a stressful time, and it is especially valuable if both parties in the relationship are supporting each other. 

When To Meditate

Wedding jitters don’t just happen on the day of the wedding itself. Sometimes, it can happen a few weeks or months before the wedding day. Meditating regularly can calm you down when you feel too burdened or stressed with all the preparations. It can help clear your mind so you can make better decisions. 

A few moments before the wedding ceremony starts, the participants would be wise to meditate on their own to prepare for their event. It helps avoid mental blocks, unwanted anxiety, or nervous feelings. 

And of course, a short meditation session can also be included in the wedding ceremony itself. This can be done before the ceremony starts, or as a moment of silent reflection during the event. This doesn’t only help calm down the wedding couple, but also the parents, family, friends and all the guests. This can also help provide a more solemn, profound ceremony.

How To Meditate Before The Wedding 

Mindful meditation is the most common type of meditation that’s suitable for a wedding. This enables the couple to be aware of their surroundings and what is happening at the present moment. Mindfulness helps improve judgment and it also helps the participants better remember the details of their wedding. 

This can be done anywhere and the procedure is as follows:

  1. Find a quiet place. Your room where you dress up is a suitable place. Then find a chair or an area where you can sit upright but comfortable. 
  2. Take a deep breath and close your eyes as you relax. Feel every movement that your breath makes. Feel the cool air as it enters your body and the warm breath as it leaves the body. Don’t try to control your breath, just let it flow naturally.
  3. Focus your thoughts on your breath. As different thoughts go through your head (and they will!) acknowledge them and let them go. Bring your focus back to your breath. 
  4. Do this for 5-10 minutes.