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Let’s Get This Wedding Party Started the Right Way

Beautiful weddings come in all shapes, sizes and locations. They also come with oodles of planning components which should begin with keen organizational protocols. Organizing a wedding essentials checklist is one of the safest, most effective ways to actualize unforgettable wedding day memories with confidence and joy.

Here is a good example of a wedding essentials checklist that will help keep wedding planning protocols in perspective:

Wedding Budget

Every wedding has a unique budget. This step is the first step in organizing what happens next, regardless of unknown details. Set a budget according to the remaining list to see when and where increases or decreases potentially occur. Discussing costs with a professional wedding planner, catering or venue specialist can greatly assist in forecasting your workable budget.

Guest List

Creating a guest list helps to understand the personal types of services needed. For example, handicapped services, childcare services and parking services each address important guest-service points that could make the difference in attendance. Making a guest list is the best way to predict the overall wedding expenses, too.

Once the guest list has been discerned, wedding invitations, pre-wedding announcements and thank-you card options must be chosen and ordered four to five months before the wedding date. Timely mailing occurs approximately eight to ten weeks prior to the wedding. If a destination wedding is desired, an additional three to four weeks should be included.

Wedding And Reception Venue Choice

Now for the exciting part – selecting the wedding and reception venue or venues. This part of the checklist is where the pocketbooks may feel like they are beginning to tighten up a bit, at least at first. But don’t be alarmed. You have already created a budget that will accommodate the right amount of beauty and perfection.

Select a venue that can support budgeted requirements while providing the pieces de resistance. Professional services such as clergy costs, decorations, limo or vehicle transportation and other special considerations all go into the wedding and reception planning protocol.


Menu design is a very personal process which relies on several factors:

1. Budget

2. Type of food (BBQ, International Cuisine, etc.)

3. Guest Count

4. Food Choices and Quantities

5. Professional Service Accommodations

If no formal dining or alcoholic beverages are needed, costs are significantly reduced. Most restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and resorts have catering services that can create exquisite dining experiences. Don’t forget to ask if a bride and groom’s cake are included.

Bridal Party Attire

Recent trends are amping up bridal party attire options. What used to be considered a rather conventional piece of the wedding planning puzzle has exploded into dynamic fashion options expressing a wedding party’s overall bond.

Remember that classiness and respect for the bride and groom’s wishes are still in vogue. There are occasions where the bride and groom may want to pay for each person’s outfit as a “thank you” gift for celebrating with them on their special day. Others may prefer each member of the bridal party select and pay for their own attire. This is a discussion the bride and groom must have early in the planning stages.

Dress & Makeup

Something that may not seem as important early on, but will be when you look back on the day is your hair, makeup, and dress. Obviously, dress shopping is an important step long before the big day, however, don’t forget or disregard hiring a professional to come and do your hair and makeup. No one wants to look back on the most important day of their life and regret not covering any spots or blemishes. There are even things you can do or use yourself, such as, a polyphenol dark spot diminisher promotion to make you look your best!


Tempting the “for better or for worse” adage by not taking important measures to get diamond insurance on your engagement and wedding rings can be a costly mistake. It doesn’t take much time or money to insure treasured marriage symbols of your love. Contact home owner insurance companies or other asset liability institutions that can help determine the best diamond insurance decisions for you.

Weddings are meant to be the loveliest and most memorable experience of a lifetime. Wedding dreams can come true with a little organization. There’s no better way to begin walking hand-in-hand into the sunset of love!