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How to Throw an Amazing Wedding on a Tiny Budget

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. As such, you want it to be perfect. Of course, perfection comes at a cost. The venue, dress, hair and makeup, flowers and menu all cost a pretty penny. This can get most couples down as they realize that they don’t have the budget to pull off something amazing. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking that your wedding is ruined and that you won’t be able to create anything worthwhile because of your budget.

This simply isn’t true, though. There are ways to throw an amazing wedding even if you don’t have a lot of funds to work with. All you need is a little creativity and you’ll find a solution to every problem your wedding faces. To help you along the way, here are some ideas on how to throw an amazing wedding when you simply lack the luxury not to be creative.

1. Create your own playlist
Hiring a live band or a DJ often costs a lot of money. For what? A live band may be nice, but they’ll just end up playing the songs everyone knows so that the guests can enjoy themselves. A DJ will end up doing the same thing, only with the help of their laptop instead of musical instruments. You can cut the costs by creating your own wedding playlist.

Playing your own music seems like a lazy way to handle the entertainment, but it’s actually pretty smart. You know your guests and their music tastes, so you can tailor the music to that. There won’t be a dull moment at the party, as everyone will get to jam out to their favourite songs. Your first dance can be danced to the exact acoustic version you both love to listen to, as well.

If you’re feeling up to it, you can even make the entertainment interactive. Engage your guests by asking them to prepare a set of songs before the wedding. Put their music wishes in the playlist, and build anticipation for the whole night. Then watch the happiness as they realize that you’re playing their songs! This is also the perfect way to ensure that everyone’s having fun if you don’t know what kind of music they like listening to.

2. Don’t go for custom dresses
Even though the wedding dress is pretty important, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The wedding industry tells you that your wedding day is basically ruined without the perfect wedding dress, but that isn’t true. You can look just as beautiful in a simplistic dress that goes well with your body type. In that spirit, don’t opt for custom dresses. Instead, visit sales and go for dresses of the rack.

You’ll be surprised how much cheaper your dress will be simply because you opted for a model that isn’t custom. Don’t worry about not looking special, as it’s you who makes the dress, not the other way around. That same dress can be worn by other brides, but it will look unique and special on each of you, as you’re all different people with different weddings.

Another idea is to go for a dress that isn’t even a wedding dress. This is a good idea if you’re having a casual or outside wedding. There are plenty of pretty white dresses out there, but they’ll cost a lot less if they don’t have the label “Wedding dress” attached to them.

Finally, you can always borrow your dress. Even though that doesn’t sound too special, it can be a great way to honour your family. There’s something beautiful in walking in your mother’s and grandmother’s footsteps and getting married in the same dress that brought them a life of happiness. If family heirlooms aren’t your thing, perhaps you have a close friend who you would like to honour in the same way. They would surely be happy to let their dress shine for another special occasion.

3. Go natural
Going natural can significantly lower your costs. What you understand from this sentence will influence the way you throw your wedding, as going natural can mean many things. For example, you can have your wedding outside. Whether it’s on the beach, and the park, at a lake, or anywhere in between, it may cost you much less than renting out a hotel lobby or other conventional inside venue.

Another thing that can be meant by this is the decor. Your flowers don’t have to come from the florist. If there is a lot of nature where you live, don’t be afraid to go explore it and pick out the most beautiful wildflowers you find. This can make the wedding more special as rarely anyone has genuine wildflowers as their centrepieces at their reception. If you put them in painted tin cans, you can achieve the rustic look everyone will simply adore. You can also put the wildflowers in your bouquet and thus complete the theme of your rustic wedding.

If you’re feeling bold, going natural can mean walking down the aisle without any makeup on. In today’s world, this takes a lot of courage but can be just the thing to make you the most original and beautiful bride there is. Let your natural beauty shine through and don’t be afraid to show your true colours. You’ll be in the centre of attention the whole day anyway, so you might as well give your confidence a workout and show off your best features in their natural light.

4. Get some help
Even though it’s all about thinking outside of the box, some conventional and unconventional wedding things cost money. For example, you can’t cut too many costs when it comes to your dream venue. Sure, you can downgrade but that just means you won’t have your dream venue anymore. On the other hand, exhausting your budget on the venue means that you won’t have money to even experiment with other things. If you get some help, it won’t have to be one or the other any longer.

You can easily get a low rate wedding loan. With a little extra cash, you’ll be able to get married at the perfect destination while still have an exceptionally well-decorated and thought out wedding.

In case you do opt for a loan, you may even have enough for a destination venue. You don’t have to travel far, but setting your wedding somewhere outside of town can be just the thing to make it special and amazing. This doesn’t have to cost a lot, as you can choose local decor, flowers, and food, which will significantly lower the price and contribute to an even more unique experience.

5. Throw in a little DIY
Now it’s time to really get your creative juices flowing. The DIY decor is a hit at any celebration, and your wedding isn’t the exception. Decide on the theme you want, then do your best to create the decor that fits it. Some types of DIY decor are even so universal that they go well with any theme that you choose. As long as you opt for something romantic and sentimental, you’ll have the perfect decor.

For example, one idea is to decorate the walls with pictures of your life. One wall can be you from childhood to present day, and the opposite can be your significant other. The wall that’s between the two opposing ones can be composed out of the pics from your relationship and your life together.

Another similar thing you can do is to put up plenty of white paper on the walls. Provide your guests with markers and tell them to write down or draw anything they want on the walls. The wedding will begin as an empty slate, but by the end of the night, your walls will be full of heartfelt wishes and interesting stories and drawings.

This way you’re making your guests a direct part of your big day and your life together. You’ll be unique and original without having to spend a lot at all. The best part is that you’ll get to take the paper home and store it away. Every time you want to remember your wedding, you’ll have the perfect memorabilia to turn to.

6. Ask for services instead of gifts
Gifts, gifts, gifts! That seems to be what weddings are all about, doesn’t it? The couple usually registers at a store of their choice and then the guests spend a lot of money on getting them the desired material objects. In other cases, the bride and groom don’t even register anywhere, they just hope they receive something decent. In both cases, they end up with things they won’t use or things they’ll only pay attention to for a couple of weeks. In the end, they’re just creating more garbage and clutter.

That’s why you should forget about material gifts for your wedding. Instead, ask your guests for services. This way, people will save money and you’ll get the help you need with wedding planning. Your parents could help you pick out a dress, your friends can go tasting with you and help you choose the flowers, and your extended family can find a photographer.

This may feel like you’re sharing your wedding, but you’re actually getting the help you need to pull it off and directly involving your guests in your love story. You’re also making the day less stressful for yourself by having others help you with the organization. In these situations, the risk of people choosing something you don’t actually want at your wedding or something you don’t like is great.

That’s why you should always give your guests some rules and guidelines. You’ll make it easier on them to get the service you like and do it the right way while also ensuring you have a beautiful wedding. One other benefit of asking for services instead of gifts is that your guests will be more emotionally invested in your big day as they’ll have put in the effort as much as you did.

7. Don’t overload the guest list
When you start creating the guest list, it seems to go on for ages. You start with family and friends then move on to extended family then tell your friends they can bring a plus one, then your mother wants to invite her friends, and let’s not forget the neighbours. Soon enough, you end up with two or three hundred people on your guest list without actually wanting to invite all of them. This method just means you’ll have only a few people to talk to on your big day. The rest of the day may be filled with awkwardness and timidness.

To avoid this, avoid overloading the guest list. Only invite people you’re actually close with and don’t give in to the pressure of your family to invite more people. This is your big day, and your guests are part of it, which is exactly why you’re inviting only the people you actually know and care about.

As well as making the day more comfortable, this also significantly lowers the cost of your wedding. You have to pay for less food and can even opt for a smaller venue, thus effectively saving some dough.

As you can see, it is indeed possible to throw an amazing wedding even if you don’t have a lot of money to work with. In many ways, your wedding will be even more special as all the ideas will come from the heart. Your guests will be impressed by your creativity and dedication to making the day special, and no one will even be able to guess that you didn’t have the funds to pull it off. The perfect day is perfect because you make it so, not because of the money you have in the budget.