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How to Plan Your Wedding during The Coronavirus Pandemic

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for all of us! Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in thousands of jobs cut, recession, and the cancellation of major events. Similarly, it has deferred several social distance wedding plans. 


We have your sympathy, and we know how eagerly you must be waiting for your special day. According to a Lending Tree survey, 63 percent of the couples have postponed their wedding to another date.

But wait! WHO has already said that the pandemic would last for two years. So, what else can we do?


Well, it’s time to plan for a social distance wedding. We know you must be looking for the social distance wedding ideas and precautions during the pandemic. 

How to Have a Social Distance Wedding?

Weddings are all about the kiss, hugs, and handshakes, and we know how hard it is to follow social distancing. In this article, we have compiled some tips and tricks to practice social distance wedding shower. 

●   Hire a Wedding Planner:


Planning a wedding involves deciding the venue, organizing the band and feats, and various other tasks. Since the pandemic has started, the wedding planners have shifted from their usual norms to following the guidelines set by the authorities.  


Before hiring a wedding planner, you may consider asking them about the checklist and the precautions for a safe social distance wedding. 

●   Guests Count


You cannot invite everyone from your work, friends, and family to your social distance wedding. Furthermore, the elders from your family pose a high health risk at social gatherings.


So, it’s time to keep a guest count. 


The best solution is to create physical versus virtual wedding guest counts. Hire a designer who can create a social distance wedding invitation for your physical and virtual guests.

Alternatively, you can use social media to invite for the virtual wedding.  

●   Live Stream Your Wedding


Video streaming apps like Zoom and Skype have become significant for streaming weddings and other events since the pandemic has started. Hiring an AV expert can be a great idea for recording and displaying the big screen procession.


Some of the couples have recently created their wedding Instagram profile for live streaming. You can stream your wedding feasts, dance party, and quarantine wedding stories for more excitement. 

●   Shopping Online


Ahh! How hard is it to accept that you can’t shop physically? 



Try out some nearby fashion outlets if you are skeptical about the online stuff. Shopping Online is a great alternative too!


Groom and the Bride can get their accurate measurements or head over to YouTube for the right measurements. There are many shopping sites to get tuxes and gowns for the couple and their relatives on rent.


Similarly, you can quickly decide the jewelry and the engagement ring that goes well with your dress. 

●   Wear Masks

Wearing the masks is soon going to be a norm. 


So, its the time to add a combination of color masks to your wardrobe as well. Not to mention, you need to add the wearable face masks to your wedding collection. 

Now the health officials have made it mandatory to wear face masks in public. So, do not forget to add it as a dress code in your guests’ wedding invitation. 


Check out the Best Dating Sites Review if you plan to look for a wedding partner during the pandemic.  

Conclusion: Tips to Plan Social Distance Wedding In 2020

The question arises: Can You Social Distance at Weddings? 


Yes. You can plan your wedding and follow social distancing even at a low budget. Keep your gathering limited to only 20-30 persons, book medium to large wedding venue so that guests can maintain the distance.

You can arrange a virtual meeting with the vendors for creating a seating plan. Choose small tables for your guests or a square table to avoid overcrowding. Do not forget to avoid the buffet serving system to avoid transmissions. 


Wedding planning is synonymous to the migraine. But don’t worry! As long as you have your closed ones and the helpful planners, you can ease your stress and enjoy your day. 


Please share your experience in the comments below.


 Author’s Bio:

Sherry is a consultant and been involved in many successful projects with a range of companies throughout the country. She enjoys researching, discussing, and writing on the topics of relationships, weddings, and dating. When not absorbed in the latest gripping articles. Sherry loves cooking, doing sports, and otherwise spends far much time at the computer.