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How to Plan a Wedding in a Pandemic: Useful Wedding Tips in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has certainly made wedding planning more complicated and challenging, and countless couples have understandably decided to postpone tying the knot until after the pandemic. But with the end of the pandemic still not in sight, many couples are beginning to consider going ahead with getting married. If you are among those couples who have decided to exchange vows within the year, these wedding tips will help you still have the perfectly romantic and blissful wedding day.

Check state and local policies

One of the crucial considerations when planning a wedding during coronavirus is finding out if holding a ceremony is possible in the first place. While there are currently no laws barring couples from getting hitched during a pandemic, there are policies in place that limit the types of gatherings that can be held and the number of attendees for such gatherings. The trickier part is that policies vary among states and localities.  Check with your state or local agencies before making any plans. You don’t want authorities arriving at your wedding day to break up your party for violating safety protocols.

Hold a small, intimate ceremony or microwedding

Bigger is not always better, especially when you’re having a wedding during pandemic. With a big wedding out of the question, it’s only appropriate to scale back. You’ll be surprised with the many benefits of opting for a small, intimate ceremony. Apart from relieving the pressure of handling a grand event, a small wedding allows you to focus more on quality. No more worrying about inviting people you’re not close with or stressing over every detail. Having a smaller wedding also means you can spend more per guest without breaking the bank. In a microwedding, there’s just you and your partner surrounded by your closest family and friends.

Talk to your vendors about their safety measures

Unless you’ve already mastered how to plan a wedding and your event is completely DIY, chances are you’ll avail the services of various vendors such as florists, photographers and videographers, and caterers. Discuss practices for upholding your mutual safety. Ask them questions regarding what they do to comply with established protocols as well as what you and your guests’ responsibilities are. Competent vendors and wedding planners who adapt to meet the new challenges posed by the pandemic can be a great source of wedding advice, so make sure you talk to them about your needs and concerns.

Communicate with your guests

Everyone’s safety can only be ensured if everyone cooperates. Each person present, from the bride and groom to the person who drives your wedding car, has to do their part in following protocols. With this in mind, make sure that you fully inform your guests of the measures that they need to observe. For example, you need to inform them about social distancing and keeping their masks on except when eating or drinking. Clear and concise communication helps establish expectations and contributes to making your wedding a safe and successful gathering.

Make sure you have extra PPE and sanitizers

Keep sanitizers and personal protective equipment handy to add another layer of safety. Mishaps happen; a guest may lose a mask, soap and water may not be always available, or lines to the lavatory may build up. Talk to your vendor about having PPE available for your guests. Also place sanitizers in strategic spots to encourage your guests to clean their hands regularly.

Choose an outdoor setting

Getting married during coronavirus requires adjustments and sacrifices. While you may be tempted to choose an indoor venue since this offers better protection from the elements, being in enclosed spaces for lengthy periods increases the chances of spreading the virus. Opt for an outdoor venue instead and talk to your vendor about the possibility of setting up tents. If an indoor venue can’t be avoided, make sure that it is properly ventilated and set up in compliance with protocols.

Entrust your other tasks

Planning a wedding demands your full attention, and so it will help if you entrust your other tasks and commitments to reliable professionals. For example, many couples get married while in graduate school. If you have no idea how to plan a wedding while studying, you can ask professionals to help with your coursework. Trustworthy companies like Custom Essay Meister, for instance, offer professional custom writing and editing services. Do away with the stress of thinking about your other commitments and concentrate on this one precious day that matters to you most. You deserve it.

COVID-19 has certainly made it difficult to plan a wedding. But there is no reason why your wedding can’t take place. Following these wedding tips and carefully planning the details will guarantee that your wedding day will remain safe and be every bit as magical and dreamy as you imagined.