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Dj handsEveryone wants to have a great time dancing the night away on their wedding night.  If you choose to go with a DJ instead of a band, you are trusting that DJ to be the entertainment for all of your family and friends.  How do you know who to choose?

Here are a few suggestions that every bride should adhere to when selecting their DJ.  First, use a professional company that has wedding experience.  It is a lot different DJing a wedding than putting on a playlist from your iPod or working at a nightclub or bar.  Remember, your DJ company has to entertain guests from all age ranges.  Only professional wedding DJs will be able to ensure that your wedding is classy, fun, and appropriate for all guests.  After all, you don’t want to be cutting cake listening to your DJ pumping his new megamix that he used at the club last night.  Second, see your DJs perform before using them.  Many professional DJ companies have showcases they perform live at bridal shows throughout the bridal show season.  Others have videos from previous weddings they have worked at.

Either way, it’s important to see what your product will look like and get a preview of what your DJ will be doing at your upcoming wedding.  Finally, make sure you tell your DJ what you want.  It sounds simple, but DJs won’t know what kind of music you want to hear at your wedding if you don’t tell them.  For example, if you really enjoy country music but hate metal, tell them that!  Professional companies will customize your playlist to exactly the kind of songs you want to dance to on your special night.