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How To Organize Finances In The Hard Days Of Wedding Preparation

How to plan a wedding of your dreams and not turn bankrupt? How to stay down-to-earth while having a wild flow of inspiration? These questions are the top ones among almost all brides and grooms. So catch some wedding planning tips on organizing your own wedding ceremony and party rationally. 

Start From What You Have

First and foremost, determine your budget. Do not include money that you can borrow from relatives and friends and even banks. Try to rely on your own sources so that you can start a joint life without any debt or at least less debt. Of course, fitting yourself and your wishes into a frame while organizing a wedding is the last thing you might want to do. But even low-budget weddings can be awesome and even better than the luxurious ones. Here are the things the cost of which will form your wedding budget plus the prompts on how to save. 

The Venue

The venue is an undeniable leader in wedding expenses. The cost of a “plate” varies depending on the popularity and prestige of the restaurant, the volume of the dish, and the number of meals served. Firstly, pick the type of venue you want to have your celebration at (restaurant, country house, forest, castle, tent) on the map, compare the prices and all information you could get. It is crucial to pay attention to what the venue offers you for the money. For instance, does the price per person only include a menu served and a buffet, or does it also include additional hot dishes, drinks, a welcome glass of champagne, a sweet table, a wedding cake and also the charge for service, the work of waiters. Do not forget to write a review for your venue, use Pick the writer to do it.

If the place of your dreams is out of your financial opportunities, then consider having a wedding on Friday or in another season, when the demand is lower. The main advice is not to save money on the taste of the dishes. Food is what can bring some spice to the celebration and leaving the guests without delicious “fuel” to dance is a crime. Here is a guide that will help you to find out whether the wedding venue is the best one you can afford.


When it comes to budgeting the alcohol, there are usually two variants: buy your own alcohol, which allows you to choose the producer, price, brand, taste, and quality or to use what the restaurant offers. If you are trying to fit into a tight budget then using the first variant is a better bet. As you can even go to the discount supermarket or hypermarket for that purpose. But on the other hand, the venue will most probably charge only for opened bottles. 


Decorations are one of the most flexible categories. Primarily, think about what value they have for you. To paraphrase, you can plan a village-style wedding where bottles with chamomiles would serve as table decorations. While building the budget, keep in mind that decorations also include elements of the ceremony, the bride’s bouquet, wedding arc, chairs, lighting, candles, rose petals, car decorations, and so on. A piece of good advice would be to use seasonal flowers. Peonies on the August wedding can mess up the whole budget. This article shows how to decorate the wedding stylishly and creatively but on a budget.  


Your aunt or grandmother can save your wedding invitations in chests for the rest of their lives. While, on the other hand, it is just a piece of paper,  and a hundred of those beautifully designed papers can cost a fortune. Consider recording a video and sending it to everyone online, or coming home to some guests and inviting them in person. Such a simple form of an invitation might have no charm in it, but it is a lot more heart-warming and family-oriented. Otherwise, consider choosing a simple and uncomplicated design. 


DJ is a lot cheaper than a band playing live music. Music tastes and preferences, repertoire and vocal characteristics of the singer cause a huge difference in the price. Music is a thing that can bring about both the economy and waste of money. So if live music is not a priority for you, then consider hiring a DJ and maybe ask one of your relatives to play some songs for variety and atmosphere. What is more, the wedding ceremony is often more touching in silence and extra music can spoil the experience. 

Photos and Videos

No one wants to hire an unprofessional photographer to shoot a luxurious wedding. Media material is a memory that we would most likely review over and over again and neglecting its quality is unwise. What is more, a qualified experienced photographer can make your budget wedding look differently on the photos. 

Before searching for a photographer, determine the style, and then compare the prices. Compare these characteristics: the option of editing the photos, work time, payment for additional hours. You don’t need to be the Writing Judge to find out which photographer is more reliable but make sure to read the reviews before hiring.

Music movies are rapidly losing popularity nowadays, while short music clips are a lot more atmospheric and cost a lot less money. Professional operators can make a video clip of almost Hollywood quality. They are still thrilling and offer a load of unique emotions.

Other Expenses

  • If you are having your wedding ceremony in the church then you need to pay an additional charge to the organist and choir. Also, the ceremony outside the registry office will turn out to be more costly. 
  • Bridal dresses can cost an arm or a leg. If you have decided to go for a budget wedding, then look for dresses online from women, who do not need this anymore. As usual, dresses and costumes are not included in the average cost of the wedding since you may choose  a dress for $200 or for $5000.
  • Transportations. Flowers, guests, cake – probably, you will have to order delivery more than once and rent more than one car. 
  • Envelopes for invitations. It sounds like a trifle, but this detail is sometimes forgotten, and although it is not that expensive but can still bring that unpleasant feeling of losing money.
  • Food for staff, bridesmaids, groomsmen while they are getting ready for the event.
  • Some musicians can charge a fee for being filmed, so it’s better to ask about it in advance. 
  • Make sure that the caterer has included the charge for service in the bill. Imagine that the waiters have organized a whole show for an event and then you find out that you need to pay another 15% of the venue price to cover it. Not the best aftertaste at the wedding.


Despite your wedding choices, your wedding budget must be your starting point for preparation and the first thing you plan together. Also, keep in mind, that it is impossible to please everyone. You are doing it for yourself, not for anybody else. Regardless of your wedding budget, your smile and feelings only must be the subject for everybody’s discussions afterward.

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