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How To Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, and while it’s your big day, it is also a big deal to the people who want to celebrate this event with you. You shouldn’t have to stress about how much fun your friends and family are having, so here’s a simple guide for keeping your wedding guests happy.

Arrange Transportation and Accommodation

If your venue is difficult to get to, providing transportation can be a huge help, even if it’s just providing a golf cart to help your grandparents navigate the grounds better. If you’ll have a lot of guests coming in from out of town, calling some local hotels to get a group rate can help guests save a considerable chunk of money, which may mean that more of your friends and family can afford to fly in.

Choose Thoughtful Wedding Favors

Don’t choose wedding favors that no one will use just because you think you need to have favors. If you choose to include them, consumable favors tend to be a hit, whether you choose mini liquor bottles or custom cookies. Bottle openers or personalized koozies can be functional, but how many can or beer sleeves with names on them do you really want? Plus, if many of your guests don’t drink, they may not have a need for them.

Hire Professionals

A DJ can make or break your wedding reception. A professional can keep your schedule running smoothly, keep energy high and add unique touches to the evening. A poor playlist will leave your guests bored in their seats while a good one keeps everyone entertained for hours. This may be an expensive element of your budget, but worthwhile as one of the most memorable parts of your evening. It’s also a good idea to invest in food, another one of the most memorable things people bring up about weddings for years after the fact. Make sure everyone has something to eat regardless of dietary restrictions, and don’t stress too much about having a seated meal versus a buffet. The important thing is that the food tastes good.

Provide a Schedule

No matter how careful and considerate you are, there will always be at least one person to call the bride on the happiest day of her life because they can’t find the venue. Getting all your guests to one place can feel like herding rowdy school children, but if you can conduct a CRM comparison to better manage your business, you can certainly manage a few unruly relatives. Creating a schedule with all the information they’ll need and including it in your wedding invitation can cut out a lot of the guesswork and unnecessary texts and phone calls.

Set up Fun Activities

Think about the types of guests you’ll have present and decide if it will be worth your time and energy to set up other activities. They can be a fun touch, but your old buddies from college will probably be fine with drinking and dancing, and your elderly family friends may not understand the photo booth. If you have kids at your wedding, it can definitely be worthwhile to put together special goodie bags full of games or coloring supplies to keep them busy instead of screaming from boredom. If you play board games and most of your friends do too, why not put out a stack? If you all enjoy being outside by the fire playing lawn games, why not have those? You don’t need to load up your wedding with entertainment options, but including things that speak to who you are as a couple will be enjoyable and stand out.

While the happiness of your guests may not be your main focus, the last thing you want is to look out over an empty dance floor to see everyone bored and picking at their food. With a few minor preparations, you can keep everyone happy while throwing the wedding of your dreams.