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How To Have a Healthy Glow on Your Wedding Day

Busy brides have dozens of items on their to-do lists leading up to the big day. One item that often gets left off is building in a plan to look and feel your best. Every bride has nightmares about waking up on her wedding day with a giant zit on the end of her nose or bags under her eyes. Take care of yourself in the weeks leading up to your wedding to make sure your skin has that perfect healthy glow.

Choose the Right Color Wedding Dress

You have dreamed of wearing a snow-white gown to your wedding, but the reality is that few people have the skin tone to pull that off. To keep your skin from getting washed out, consider purchasing a dress in a slightly softer color. Ivory is a universal winner for flattering all skin tones. If you want something with even more color (but not so crazy that your grandmother will complain), look for dresses in champagne, blush or pearl. Each of them hides richer gold or pink tones under their creamy-colored surface.

Eat Well

Eating well before your wedding involves more than asking for the salad dressing on the side at the rehearsal dinner. At least eight weeks out, begin changing your eating habits to include good that is good for your skin such as carrots, spinach, berries and salmon. In addition, start the THRIVE Experience or add in vitamins D, C, E and K to make your skin glow. Of course, drinking plenty of water is important to washing away impurities and keeping your skin elastic and youthful looking.


Exercising doesn’t mean that you need to train for a marathon before your wedding, but you should definitely schedule in time for a work-out, yoga session or good 30-minute walk every day. Smooth skin is a benefit of exercise. As your heart rate increases, so does your blood circulation which pushes oxygen and healthy nutrients to your skin. This enables your skin to produce its natural oils as well as repair itself. Sweating pushes impurities to the surface too, so make sure you always wash your face after you’ve cooled down.


Laughing can make your face glow and keeps your facial muscles toned. There is no end to the funny videos available on the internet, so while you’re waiting for your hair to be done, ask each of your bridesmaids to share their favorite video with you. Laughter can boost your immune system and relax you at the same time – both great benefits to a busy day of kissing checks and meeting new relatives. Once your make-up is on, try to cut down on the uncontrollable giggles though, as tears of laughter can streak your makeup.

Get Some Sun

Sun-kissed cheeks look very appealing and enhance your natural beauty. However, you do risk sunburn if you spend too much time in the sun. If you want the healthy glow of the sun on your face, spend a little bit of time outside about a week before the big day. That way, if you overdo it, the pink will have a chance to fade.

Apply Blush Correctly

If being in the sun is too risky, create the look with makeup. Just like picking a wedding dress color that flatters your skin, it’s important to pick a blusher that highlights your face without making you look too made up. If you’re fair skinned, stick with a sheer pink. Darker skins can handle brighter pinks and apricots. Applying blush correctly takes practice, so if you’re not hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day, watch a couple of tutorial videos and give yourself a few weeks to get it right.

You may be a bundle of nerves leading up to your wedding day, and the last thing you need to worry about is your skin. You’ll no doubt be a glowing bride anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to help your chances along the way.