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How To Create The Perfect Wedding With Your Fiancé

Marriage is such a thrilling and gratifying chapter in anyone’s life. The people who love you are sure to want to gather around you and your fiancé as you say your vows and then celebrate with you afterwards. This means that you two are getting into the wild world that is wedding planning. If you are unsure of what exactly you want your wedding to be like and all you know is that you want it to be perfect for the both of you, then look no further. Here are five tips on how to plan a wedding you both will love.

1. Pick a Theme

It may sound silly, but having a theme locked down will make all of the other decisions so much easier. It really is true what everyone says, the theme informs everything! Wedding planning typically works best when you do things in a logical order according to a timeline. However, your timeline is really set by your theme! Say you want your bridesmaids to be in winter fur coats and your groomsmen in tuxedos and have a winter wonderland theme. You probably are not going to want to set a date in the middle of July. If you’re having trouble picking a theme with your fiancé look at some potential wedding bands and engagement rings together. Think about the style of the things you are drawn towards. Your theme could be hidden in the description of those rings. Maybe you like classic and elegant, or maybe you prefer modern and architectural. These design concepts can easily be translated into a theme for your wedding that you both will love.

2. Pick a Date

Once you have your theme down, you can pick a date. Now here is the tricky part. No matter what season you want to get married in you will have to decide whether or not the venue or the date is more important. It pays to be somewhat flexible on your specific date. For example, based on your theme, you and your fiancé can decide you want to get married in a specific season or even a specific month. For a Spring wedding, you can decide on the month of April and go from there.

3. Pick a Venue

Your venue will be informed by your theme and your budget. Going on a road trip with your fiancé and seeing cool buildings and beautiful roads as you venue shop is all part of the journey to marriage. The most important thing to decide upon before setting out to find your venue is to pick what sort of venue you would like. Popular choices today include a traditional church setting, a rustic barn area or on the brow of a mountain underneath the sky.

4. Pick Your People

Once you know what venue you will be using you will know how many people you can invite. Letting people know at least three months in advance is common courtesy but the earlier the better. Send out your invitations as soon as you nail down the date, venue and theme. That way you can let your guests know the dress code! Another important thing to do is to go ahead and ask your bridal party and groomsmen. It is a big honor to stand by someone’s side as they say his or her vows, so you want to make sure your friends and family know they are being endowed with this commitment as early as possible.

5. Pick The Helpers

This is the one of the last things you should do. Find your caterer for the reception, a wedding director if you need to, musicians for the reception, photographers and someone to make your marriage official by officiating. All of these decisions can be made by thinking about your theme, guest list and venue. The options are truly endless, so just hang in there and remember your theme and budget!

Planning a wedding is a huge deal no matter how small or large. The more organized you make the process the better off you and your fiancé will be! At the end of the day, as long as the two of you are excited about your marriage, you can rest assured that your wedding will go just how it needs to.