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How to Choose Good Wedding Venues

Many aspects of the wedding are optional. However, as they say, you only get married once to the love of your life, so why not make everything memorable? You can go full-blown with the flowers and the gowns and ensure that the venue is spacious for all your family and friends.

When it comes to the location where you will celebrate your nuptials, it can sometimes be complicated as there are so many options out there. You can go with elegant ballrooms, celebrate a barn wedding, choose garden receptions, or enjoy long stretches of sands at the beach. Here are other tips for you on how to find the perfect setting for your wedding.

Talk to a Legitimate Planner

The first step in looking for the ideal area is to talk first with experienced planners near you. These people are more familiar when it comes to celebrations, and they have the capabilities to transform the barns, ballrooms, or courts into an enchanted place for your wedding. 

They may have already done these in a few barns around your area where their creativity was emphasized. If you have a vision or quirk that you would like to come true, you can ask them questions first, and they will recommend a few venues for you.

Align Everything with the Theme

You may want to seek places that will give you the aesthetics that you have in mind. For country-themed weddings, you may want to look for barns that will provide you with the ambiance that everyone can appreciate. These are ideal if you are into green meadows, hills, fields, and a unique destination in your state.

You can always opt for well-designed warehouses, spaces in the restaurants, and art galleries for a more appealing overall look for modern weddings. Others may get the appeal that they wanted on outdoor venues like parks, gardens, ranches, and backyards. A good scenery that matches the theme will enhance your space and will make you feel more connected with the event. Read more themes on this page here. 

Guest Lists are Important

You need to know the total number of guests in advance before you look for a place. Ensure that everyone can move comfortably in the space provided to save you from crowded and awkward murmurings during your special event. 

If the area is simply too small for a crowd, you may find yourself in a tough situation where you can’t accommodate others. Many couples may underestimate their guest list, but you should always prepare for contingencies. There’s always the chance that your cousins from unknown uncles may show up or your friends may invite their relatives to the event, and it’s better to be prepared. 

Set an Overall Budget

Sometimes, it’s not just the space rental that will cost you more; it will also be the catering and food. Read more about the expenses of weddings here: https://moneywise.com/a/the-most-wasteful-ways-to-spend-your-wedding-budget. Knowing how many guests are coming will ensure that you are still on track with the budget. If you’re hiring caterers from luxury hotels, they may charge you on a per-plate basis, and another extra attendee can drive the costs higher than you may think.

The costs of flowers, cars, ceremony, speaker, designs, gowns, and a lot more can drive the costs to the roof. If you think that it’s time to cut back on unnecessary expenses, you may want to slash out some of the guests and have an intimate reception or scale back on the design. Overall, you should prioritize the vendors’ funds because they will serve you and your guests at the party.  

Guest Experience Matter

You may invite many relatives who need to have accommodation on the day of the event. If this is the case, you may need to look for hotels or inns where all the out-of-town guests can stay for the night to prepare better in the morning.

A refreshing experience for the guests and breakfast will be very much appreciated. They need to be comfortable with the venue as well, where they can move freely. Some may appreciate the magnificent décor and may even talk about your wedding for years to come. Ensure that everything follows strictly with the fire code and regulations in the area and attendees can fit and eat during the reception.