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Home Renovation Ideas for a Newly Married Couple

Starting a new life together is a huge milestone for couples. Now that you’ve tied the knot and promised you’ll love each other for better or for worse – it’s time to face the potentially worse part sooner than you expected. Not to scare you or anything, but many couples tend to have less than pleasant experience as they decide to renovate their new home. 

Whether you’ve moved into your spouse’s old home, or you invested in a new one that needs a few fix-ups here and there, renovating for the first time with your sweetheart can cause some headache. However, to make your renovating adventure stress-free and quick, we’ve come up with a set of tips that will be a lifesaver.

Before You Start Renovating

Getting hitched is stressful enough to keep you occupied for a few months. However, while that type of stress is somewhat positive, renovating won’t necessarily feel great. Nevertheless, you’ve made up your mind and it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to work. The first thing to remember is that you and your new spouse will have different tastes, but it’s essential that you compromise. 

Only then will you be able to avoid fights and nerve-wracking outbursts during renovating. Also, be sure you have a set budget for your renovation so that you don’t end up going broke after everything is done. Lack of money is always the reason to fight, so be sure you avoid that. That’s why y you should do all the research beforehand, make the calculations, and see if you can afford all that you want to change.

Create an Inviting Living Room

Now that you’ve taken care of the mental, financial, and physical preparations, it’s time to start renovating. The living room is always the focal point of every home since that’s where everyone gathers during the day. If the walls scream for a fresh coat of paint, think about deciding on a completely new shade to mark the beginning of your life together. Always share your ideas and opinions and decide on the idea that tickles both of your fancies. 

Many homes don’t pay a lot of attention to their lighting, so chances are the lighting fixtures are either dated or not the right choice for your living room. If that’s the case, change them altogether to create a cozy and inviting ambience in your new home. Think elegant chandeliers, lampshades, and wall-scones to create romantic layered lighting. 

New furniture is always a great idea. That is especially true if the current pieces look old and dingy. Not only will you be more comfortable with new sofas and armchairs, but your home will look refreshed and inviting as well. While you’re at it, don’t forget the accessories such as throw pillows, picture frames, and vases with flowers, to add liveliness in the home. Make it more family-oriented by displaying family heirloom and portraits of the two of you and your families. 

You’ll Need A Functional Kitchen

Starting your life together will include a lot of homemade meals that you two will share. In the beginning, you may not be in the mood to cook by yourself every day, but once children arrive it’ll be very much necessary. That’s why you should consider replacing all the dated kitchen appliances with brand-new ones. Not only will they make your cooking quicker and easier, but they’ll also be more energy-efficient. 

Check out the cabinets for cracks, splinters, and chipped paint. If you’re noticing any of those signs, it’s time to upgrade to new cabinetry. If they’re in good shape, consider adding a fresh coat of paint and installing new handles. Whether you’re an avid cook or not, someday you’ll need modern and various cookware, so you might as well invest in new pieces now. 

Bathroom Revamping

The bathroom and bedroom are the two main areas newlyweds should pay attention to when renovating. If you’re working the same hours, and you’re both getting up at the same time, you’ll benefit from a larger bathroom. If you have the option to expand it, do it. Installing a larger bath or simply expanding your shower into a wet room, will make your morning showers much more efficient. 

You’ll be able to do it together and save time waiting for each other to be done. Install new shower screens to create a modern look in your new remodelled bathroom. An extra shower head would also be a useful addition. With a double vanity, you’ll cut the time you spend in the bathroom by half. No more waiting for your sweetheart to be done with washing their face and brushing their teeth. Now, you can do it together and never wait to take your turn.

Bedroom Makeover

The bedroom will be your biggest sanctuary and the place where you’ll need to recharge and relax after a long day. Therefore, you’ll need to think of colours that will allow you to do just that. If the bedroom requires repainting, go for calming hues such as soft green, pale blue, light grey, or eggshell. Those calming hues will make for a perfect ambience that you can further complete with darker furniture colours. 

Consider adding crown moulding for a more posh look. After you’ve solved the colour dilemma it’s time to think about the focal point of the room – the bed. You’ll need a comfortable bed where both of you will feel like sleeping on a cloud. Therefore, if the bed or the mattress is old, replace one or both. A firm mattress will allow you to sleep through the night and wake up pain-free. The last thing you need is a nice-looking bed that makes you feel cranky and stiff upon waking up.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

The outdoors are just as important as the indoors. That’s why you should go outside and take a good look at your exterior. Would you like to have a porch with a cute swing or a rocking chair? Well, it’s time to start building the porch. Improving your curb appeal should also be on the list. You’ll want your home to leave a breathtaking first impression on your guests, so be sure you tidy up the driveway and create a stunning lawn. 

If you have a backyard too, you might want to think about having a patio, alongside a few plants to make the outdoors look more colourful. An outdoor kitchen with a BBQ or a fireplace can be a great addition. You’ll host the best summer evening parties and have your guests love coming by. If your backyard is big enough, consider adding a gazebo or maybe a fountain as well, to create a true nature-like ambience for your new family. 

Final thoughts

Staring a new life together will be the happiest time of your life, so make it memorable. When you decide to start renovating your new home, be sure you listen to each other and decide on everything together. Every room will require special attention and specific renovating steps, so don’t rush anything and make sure you have enough money for all the upgrades. Starting from your living room, and going through the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and bathroom, the entire home will require a lot of effort but in the end, it’ll all be worthwhile. In case you realize some of the steps are too big of a challenge for you, don’t be ashamed to call the pros and have everything done the right way.


Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.


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