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Helpful Tips to Finance Your Dream Wedding

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in your life. You found someone who you love deeply and want to spend forever with. You likely already have dreams of the perfect wedding where you can celebrate with your family and friends.

And then you start to panic when you think of how you’re going to afford it all! Planning a wedding can be stressful and the financial strain can take its toll, but it is possible to avoid this and focus on the joy if you prepare carefully.

Adjust Your Budget

You can plan the wedding that you want without bankrupting yourself or going into debt with a few techniques. The first thing to do is readjust your budget.

You know that you have a big expense coming up, and should make the effort to put aside as much money as you can each month. Cut out any extras that you don’t actually need. If you find that you’re still falling short of what you expect to need, then consider getting a second job or a side hustle. This can be a great time to get creative and pursue one of those hobbies that you’ve always wondered if you could turn into an income.


Another way that you can achieve your dream wedding is to choose to do-it-yourself where possible. It has become much more common these days, and many brides find that this experience of doing it yourself makes their wedding more special and enjoyable.

Make sure you don’t try to take on too much and just end up piling on the stress. Choose a few projects that you know you can manage. You may decide to make your own personalized centerpieces for your tables, or hand-make your wedding favors. This will add a beautiful and personal touch to your special day.

Accept Gifts from Family and Friends

When you are planning your wedding, you may get a lot of offers of help from your family and friends. Take advantage of these offers and accept them as the well-intentioned gifts they are meant to be.

If someone offers to provide your photographer as their wedding gift to you, thank them and allow the gift and check off another item on your list. Maybe some of your relatives would like to contribute cookies for the reception, or someone else knows a DJ that you can hire. You might be surprised at the thoughtful suggestions and offers of help that come your way.

Bank on Yourself

If you find that you are still in need of some funds, you can choose to bank on yourself. This is another way to finance your wedding.

If you have a whole life insurance policy with a cash value, you could use this to your advantage. The concept of banking on yourself means that you can use the cash value of your policy as a sort of line of credit you grant to yourself. The money is yours to do whatever you want. You can take out the money for a large expense while avoiding any costly fees from traditional personal loans. It will also save you time since you won’t have to go through the normal channels of applying for a personal loan and working with a lender. Banking on yourself means you control how you use the money and when you take it out.

These are just a few tips on how you can help build some cash to finance your wedding. Now is the time to be creative and figure out new ways you can bring in some extra income.

Work together with your fiance and come up with a plan of action for how you will pay for the wedding you want. Sit down and discuss the must-haves and what isn’t necessary. Together you can begin to save and work towards making your saving goal happen so your wedding can truly be a day to remember.