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Great Tips on Planning an “At-Home” Wedding!

My wedding was planned for October 13th, 2020. Since the pandemic was at its peak and the country was following strict lockdown measures, we have no other choice than to postpone it. However, even after waiting for 3 more months, the pandemic wasn’t letting up. 

What’s a guy to do? We finally decided to go for an “at-home” wedding. 

Arranging a wedding at home was a first time experience for my family. We had to cut down our guest list, change vendors, and re-plan the décor as per our house. All of it that looked impossible to us turned out to be amazing. 

Yes, my home, which was my wedding venue, looked wonderful. From food and sitting arrangement to photography and cake cutting ceremony, everything was perfect. Since it was a great experience, I have decided to share the tips for an “at-home” wedding with you. 

So, let us see how you can still arrange a wedding at your planned date by just changing the venue: 

  1. Manage the Logistics 

Many people live in an apartment. Be sure to inform your vendor about the venue change. Some apartments have multiple elevators, while others have just a few. In the latter case, if you call all the vendors like a florist, photographer, and a caterer at the same time, it will cause congestion and chaos.

Overcrowding the space is not at all acceptable during this pandemic. Therefore, you need to plan everything beforehand. Set separate timings for each vendor and leave a margin of at least an hour. Though it will increase the overall arrangement time, it is mandatory for safety’s sake. 

You can also hire a wedding planner to resolve such issues. Besides, discuss the amount of time required by each vendor. This will help you in giving a suitable time to the other vendor. 

  1. Never Underestimate the Expense 

Since you are planning to have a wedding in a smaller space, you are likely to estimate a lower cost. However, this is the biggest mistake. At home, you will be making the arrangements from scratch. It will require more budget in comparison to the wedding venues that are already built for weddings. Let me share my experience here: 

Since the theme of my wedding was white and gold, I purchased all new white carpets. Gold ones were already at my home, so I just got them cleaned from carpet cleaning. Secondly, arranging a dance floor was the biggest challenge for me. I selected my backyard lawn for it. 

However, it was uneven, and the wedding planner advised us to have a glass covering. Since we did all of these things from scratch, it cost us more than what we have estimated. The weeding expert told us that the cost of setting up an elevated floor at home would range from $16,000 to $60,000.

If you don’t have that big a budget, it is completely okay. You can rent stuff instead of purchasing it, borrow what you can from friends and family, and cut down on elements that are extravagant for you. 

  1. Obtain Permits from Your Locality Managers 

Depending on your location, be sure to obtain permission to arrange a wedding at home. Though you will be having the event inside your home, neighbors can complain about loud music, crowd, and disturbances. 

Some apartments have separate policies for arranging “at-home” events. The policies include timings, number of guests, and other things that can affect the neighbors. 

You should obtain written permission from the concerned department. Mark it as the first thing on the list. When you know the right timings, only then can you call your vendors and invite the guests. 

However, you can still enjoy the wedding even if your locality union has some strict measures. Instead of going for loud music, go for silent discos by giving headphones to every guest. We did the same thing, and our plan was a big hit. 

  1. Create a Weather Contingency Plan 

If we talk about the weather, apartments are a much safer option. However, if you are living in a house, you need to design a solid contingency plan. Some wedding planners advise renting a tent in advance so that the guests can stay safe in case of harsh rains. Though we might get some idea from the current weather updates, we should be prepared for every situation. 

Thus, arranging a covered platform for dinner and dancing is essential. It will keep the guests safe from wet grass in case of heavy rain. Besides rain, an extremely hot climate is another concern. If you are having a live music session, the string quartet will not perform. Therefore, you need to have an air-conditioned space for live music. 

Similarly, extreme windy weather will not be suitable if you are using candles as your main décor. They will not stay lit for long, and all the charm will fade away. So, to avoid the last-minute panic, have a contingency plan to deal with sudden weather changes. 

  1. Pest Control 

Taking appropriate steps for bug control is imperative, especially if your wedding is on your lawn. Mosquitos do not require an invitation. They will show up around greenery. To resolve such issues, contact professional firms to have an insecticide spray into your house. 

You must contact the professionals a few days before the event so that none of the harmful effects and bad odors linger during the reception. Besides this, use mosquito repellents on your wedding day. However, check the quality beforehand. Buy the ones that do not have a bad smell. 

Wrapping It Up 

In short, planning an “at-home” wedding might be a first time experience for you. Do not worry; you can arrange a memorable wedding event at home with just a few tips. Firstly, always plan things in detail like the logistical issues, bugs control, wedding time, number of guests, etc. 

In Addition, plan your budget. Arranging a wedding at home does not mean underestimating the budget. Lastly, do not forget to obtain permission from your union council authorities. With all these tips, you can still enjoy an unforgettable wedding event at home.