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Getting Married during the COVID-19: What to do!?

While to some people, a marriage certificate is just a piece of paper, there are a lot of couples out there who find it to be a huge deal. To them, it’s not just a legal ramification of their relationship. It’s also a formal validation of their relationship and their commitment to each other for the rest of their lives. Now, some of these couples focus heavily on the idea of getting married on a specific date, while others want to have a huge wedding party in order to commemorate the event. All of these plans are now made somewhat more difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are several tips to help you get through all of this.

  1. Party or not

Since social distancing is one of the most important steps in keeping the public safe in these trying times, throwing a wedding party might not be a great idea. In fact, in some states and countries, this isn’t even mandatory and public gatherings are banned altogether. The problem, however, lies in the fact that some couples have deposited a down payment before the epidemic. In that case, it’s down to your contract and agreement with the vendor on whether you’ll get your money back. As for the party, it’s up to you whether you should postpone it or cancel it altogether.

  1. Know the difference

Serenity prayer states: “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”. This attitude is completely applicable to this particular scenario. The global situation is such that you just cannot affect it and you have no idea when things will be back to normal. What matters is the fact that you and your partner are determined to make this next step together. Your intentions and your ability to cope with what lies ahead are the only things that you can actually affect. As stated in the prayer, however, this takes courage.

  1. Other plans

A wedding is seldom a stand-alone issue. Sometimes, it’s accompanied by a major relocation, initiation of the living-together stage in people’s relationship or even a home construction project. Now that your wedding party might be off, you may have more room in your budget for one of these other ideas. Sure, having to choose sucks but isn’t it better to try and get the best deal out of your situation. Due to the fact that entire industries are suffering, some prices are going down. This means that now might be an ideal time for you to start looking for building material suppliers and check what they have in offer.

  1. You have an amazing excuse

Now, let’s discuss a scenario in which both parties are reluctant to host a major wedding party but are pressured to do so by their social circle. Well, now, you have a perfect excuse. You can just avoid throwing a party and make a small celebration without insulting anyone. Sure, some would argue that this shouldn’t be that big of an issue but, in these trying times, who has the right not to appreciate such get-out-of-jail-free card?

  1. Virtual celebrations

While we know that this idea is far from ideal, the truth is that your closest friends and relatives just want to witness the event, regardless of the circumstances. They want to be there for your big moment and this might be the only safe way to hold a celebration. Sure, they may access that attending your wedding is worth the risk, however, are you really willing to expose them to this kind of threat? Sometimes, staying safe is the only viable option.

In conclusion

One thing that you should never lose from sight is the fact that life is all about overcoming adversity and married life is about overcoming adversity together. No matter how big of a problem this may seem at the moment, the truth is that it’s just one of the obstacles you will encounter (far more serious than the current one). In other words, you should look at the problem as a test for your relationship. Not letting it divide you will only strengthen your bond and teach you to rely on one another more than ever.