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Fun Ways to Entertain Children at Your Wedding

Getting married is a lovely event in every couple’s lives. It’s an exciting celebration of love and promise of taking care of that love between two people. Planning a wedding can be both fun and stressful thing to do since you’ve got a lot of things to consider and take care of. The most important one, except documenting your love, is to provide fun for you and your guests. A specific group of guests – children – might make you think twice how to entertain them because they get easily bored. Having children at your wedding is a precious thing since they make this event even more joyful and memorable. If you’re running out of ideas on how to entertain your younger guests, here’s a shortlist with some suggestions that might help you. 

Creative Corner 

Kids love spending time creating something with their hands, so a nice idea of how to entertain children could be organizing a special area with crayons and craft supplies such as play dough and stickers. You can let them be creative and use their imagination or you can help them and give them an idea of what to create. Since it’s a wedding we’re talking about, they can play around and make a card with a special note for the bride and groom or they can take part in decorating a cake. 

Photo Time

Most kids enjoy taking photos of them, so organizing a kid’s photobooth could be a lot of fun for them. You can even give them space and time to make DIY masks for themselves for this occasion. This can take hours and will provide them with fun. And after they’re done making these masks they can enjoy taking photos. The photobooth can include items such as moustache on a stick, funny hats or feather boas. Renting a photobooth for the entertainment is getting popular and it seems it’s a pretty common thing to rent it in Australia. There are lots of cool photobooths for hire in Sydney that kids love and find it really interesting. The best part is that children will have some kind of memory that they’ll be able to bring home with themselves.

Movie Time

To entertain children at the wedding setting up a movie area seems like a great idea. Watching a movie will make kids happy for some time. You can create a special area for a movie by adding chairs for kids, colourful pillows and cushions and even mini bags of popcorn. The next step is to choose a movie and then just let the kids enjoy the wedding in their way. You can even make a list of all the possible movies you think they’d enjoy so they can choose which movie they’d like to watch. 

Outdoor Games

If you’re having your wedding in a venue with a garden or outdoor area, organizing outdoor games for children is a great option. Playing outside is great for children’s health and it gives them enough space to run and play freely. They can play games such as Twister, hopscotch, skipping ropes or hula hoops. All these games will keep them occupied for hours so you won’t have to worry what to do next to entertain them. Probably the most common and famous game they can play outdoor is hide and seek. This is a typical game that everyone loves to play, not just kids but adults like plating with them as well, so feel free to join them. 

A Professional Entertainer 

Hiring a professional entertainer such as balloon modellers, magicians or body painters will be so much fun for children at the wedding. If your budget allows you, consider hiring some of these entertainers that will definitely put a smile on the faces of your youngest guests. No matter which professional entertainer you choose, children will definitely have fun with them and they’ll create lovely memories. 


Having children as guests at your wedding is both fun and stressful. It’s nice to see children goofing around at the wedding but truth to be told, most couples are afraid that their little guests will get easily bored or drive their parents insane at the wedding. To escape these types of situations, make sure you organize lots of fun for kids that they can enjoy and that will keep them busy for a longer period.