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Food Planning 101: Extremes You Probably Should Avoid at Weddings

Choosing a wedding menu is not as easy as most people think. You have to come up with a wide range of choices to accommodate different preferences. You also need to consider the type of foods that will affect your guests.

Certain foods that contain allergens for instance gluten or nuts should be avoided. Also, there are others which will leave an intolerable breath such as garlic and onions. Not to forget those are too filling.

To come up with a menu that will please the crowds and make the bride and the groom happy, we’ve come up with a list of foods you should probably leave out. There nothing as frustrating as attending a wedding that has no edible food.

  1. Raw onions

As we highlighted earlier, no one wants to have an intolerable breath. There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to talk to a person who can’t face you because of your breath.

There are people who love eating raw onions. If you are one of them, you can ask the caterer to add caramel to the onions instead of serving and eating them raw.

  1. Family style dishes

Communal spreads are starting to get popular in weddings today. The hosts usually present family style dishes to show how much they are willing to share and care for their guests. The sharing and caring is always great until the wedding occasion starts being chaotic and disorganized.

According to aus assignment help, most brides and grooms prefer the family style serving of dishes. They spend a lot of money to create and design the environment until things start getting out of hand. Communal family style is good if the number of guests will be low. If you expect many guests, you should avoid it completely.

  1. Messy foods like spaghetti and burgers

Let’s face it. Most of the tastiest dishes today are also the messiest. If you love burgers, saucy pastas or sandwiches, you know what I’m saying. You probably have a hard time keeping your clothes clean. You should avoid adding messy dishes to your reception menu.

As Bestessaytips.com reports, the worst foods in a reception are usually those that are difficult to eat in a polite way. In general, any dish that you would avoid on a first date should not be served in a reception. Remember, your guests will wear the best formal wear they have to the event. Foods that will stain their clothes or make them uncomfortable when eating should be avoided.

  1. Pizza

If you’ll be catering a small group of people, you should definitely go for pizza. Otherwise, you should not include it in your menu. Hosting a large number of people means more food for them. If you decide to serve pizza pies, keeping them hot and fresh while staying on top of the requests made by the guests will be a challenge.

Also, dietary restrictions might be inconvenient on a wedding day. Pizza pies will definitely make the children happy but it will be unconducive for huge number of people.

  1. Chicken cordon bleu

Chicken cordon bleu is a breaded chicken breast mixed with cheese and ham. Most meat eaters recognize it as one of the best palette pleasers.

However, this dish should not be served in wedding receptions because guests tend to walk away from the table feeling sluggish and weighed down. Majority of restaurant owners and wedding planners discourage people from serving the chicken cordon bleu as a main course. It’s simply scary.

  1. White fish

If you’ll have hundreds of people on your guest list, it’s important to choose dishes that can be easily prepared and replicated. You should also go for those that can withstand long services. Due to the reasons mentioned above, white fish cannot work well in large wedding receptions.

White fish is not ideal for wedding receptions because there is no room for error when preparing it especially for many guests. A report by best essay writer suggests you should also avoid any other type of food that is detailed or complex to prepare.

When designing the menu, you have to think of the things that can go wrong so that you will be ready to make the best dish. If white fish or any other lean seafood is not prepared well, it may lead to havoc in as little as thirty minutes after consumption. The last thing you want is a stomach upset while dancing with your loved ones.

  1. Delicate Greens

When serving salad at their wedding receptions, most people go for dressed greens and offer them to their guests. Since wedding services tend to take some time before serving guests, it’s important to focus on healthy greens that can stay fresh for a while.

According to this popular online essay writer, you should avoid delicate salads because they usually wilt. Avoid baby lettuces and spring greens because they can’t hold for about fifteen minutes without becoming soggy. Some of the greens you should go for include the romaine hearts and lettuces.


Wedding venues are some of the best places to have fun with friends and loved ones. In receptions, peoples’ minds are always on one thing: Food. Serving the right foods will enhance the experience of your guests.

Since serving the right food is difficult for wedding hosts, it’s important to know the foods they should avoid serving their guests. The foods mentioned above should be avoided at all costs. As a wedding host, your reputation will always be on the line. Ensure good food is served and everyone enjoys.

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