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Enhance Your Romantic Bridal Hair Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

Every girl has dreamt about her wedding day at least once in her life. We think about our dress, our makeup, the decor, the dance, and of course, our hair. For a lot of us, the dream is to have long, voluminous hair and a beautiful hairdo we are not able to have every day. If you are having trouble deciding, here are some great tips for half-up half-down hairstyles you can try. 

Romantic curls

One of the most popular hairstyles for weddings is curls. They are romantic, girly, and usually go with any type of dress. If you want your hair out of your face so your face stands out as well, a twisted half-up hairdo will look amazing. It’s simple, modern, and you can create many different looks. It will look even better if you have ombre hair or highlights because all of the shades will intertwine, making it even more interesting. Curl your hair that is down, and you will have a beautiful look. 

Bohemian braids 

One of the most popular trends in the last few years when it comes to weddings is the bohemian style. It is romantic and allows you to combine different earthy tones with a unique approach. A hairstyle that is representative of this boho vibe is, of course, braids. The upper part of your hair can be put into a beautiful messy braid, or if you want something a bit more special, you can try french braids or even more of them that go in a loop. Again, what goes best with this hairdo is loose curls. Something like this looks best on longer hair as you need to create both the braids and the curls. This is why, if you don’t have very long hair, you can try real hair extensions that will give you the needed length and volume. The best thing about this is that choosing natural hair will give you a beautiful look, and if you choose the right color, it will fit in seamlessly. It will also feel totally natural when you touch it. You should choose only the best for your wedding. You can accessorize this look with beautiful floral hair jewelry, and you will look perfect.

Modern half-up half-down 

If you want something a bit more modern and not as traditional as curls, there are many half-up hairstyles that you can create with straight hair. You can also twist the upper part of your hair and leave the lower part straight. This is a rather simple hairstyle that would look great with a more elaborate wedding dress. However, if you have a simple wedding dress, why not try an even more chic look? A half-up ponytail with a few strands sticking out creates a modern yet elegant and romantic style that will look perfect for your wedding. You can add some accessories to complete the look and make it a bit more formal.

Chic half-up bun 

The half-up bun has been a loved trend for a few years now. It is a great way to accentuate your face and makeup, and you can use it to give your eyes a slight lift if you do it the right way. Aside from that, it is quite a youthful, and fun look that can look very chic even for your wedding. This hairdo looks best on voluminous, curly hair as well because it will give it texture and fullness. You can try either a full-on tight bun or go for a more relaxed look and do a messy bun that we all love. Make sure you secure it well because you don’t want it to move during the day. You can spice it up by braiding your hair on the sides, making a bun on the top and curling the rest of your hair. It may look like it’s too much, but it’s a chic hairstyle that any modern bride can try.

Half-up half-down hairstyles are perfect when you can’t decide on one look only. This way, you get to combine both and use the best from them. The best thing is that your face will not be covered, so your makeup and, what’s more important, your smile can be seen. On the other hand, you will have part of your hair down, which allows you to play with it and try some of the interesting looks we have come up with.