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The Clarion Hotel at Toms River
Make your wedding an event you and your guests will never forget at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center. Featuring an expansive ballroom that can accommodate up to 240 people and a sky-lit atrium for cocktail hour, our wedding facilities offer the perfect backdrop for your special day. All of our elegant banquet rooms have recently been redecorated, with the romantic elegance of crystal chandeliers and the warmth and comfort of cherry wood trim throughout. Clarion Toms River Website

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Untouchable Entertainment
Untouchable Entertainment’s philosophy is simple: successful WeddingsSweet 16s, and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, each and every time. We can handle your vision with the smallest details in mind, leaving you worry free to enjoy your big day. Building relationships with our clients is what Untouchable is all about! We do not simply sign a contract and not contact you until a week before your event. We act as your event coordinator and are here to help you every step of the way.

Untouchable designs weddings and events the same way a Broadway producer approaches a play — we make sure that the stars shine and the audience/guests always go home wanting more! Untouchable Website

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Absolute Celebrations
Absolute Celebrations is a modern age entertainment company focused on Event Production and life-long memories. With over 30 years of experience within the circle of entertainers and over a dozen polished professionals no questions are left un-answered. The planning process has been perfected to be useful to the client while at the same time forcing them to think about all the emotional aspects of their big day. We pride ourself on not just “hosting your big day” but on “helping you create it”. A Personal relationship with your entertainer and the business as a whole is better then any enhancement out there. Once the relationship is created we focus on the visuals wether your desire is custom lighting or atmospheric enhancements, Absolute Celebrations offers countless detailed options to add a memorable effect to your event. Absolute Website

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