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One of the most unpredictable yet gratifying thing at a wedding could be, a furry friend walking down that aisle bearing the wedding ring telling, “I got this one.” Yes, it is about your favorite pet; dogs.

Certainly, there are other pets as well, like cats, but for your wedding you need a pet that is more manageable. And dogs being incredibly loyal and energetic, they can prove themselves to be the best for this huge responsibility. 

So, if you got a lovely dog and are about to get married, including your dog to your special day might prove to be the next best thing to happen to you at your wedding!

But! There are a few important things that you need to be aware of before hopping into this, a few arrangements that you need to take care of, and a whole lot of training of your pooch, so that he trots the aisle with perfection cheering everyone around. 

Following ideas are necessary to go through before you decide dog ring bearer at your wedding.

Get that dog a wedding bandana!

You need to accessorize your dog with a wedding bandana, may be a bow tie, fancy neck collars, or maybe even try a dog tuxedo! If you have a female dog why not get her a bridesmaid dress? 

You need to make your dog feel good and special as well. Delight your pup with these cute add-ons and he will make sure that everything on your special day is on point. 

Make sure your dog is up for it.

If you have recently got a dog and have not connected with it much, if your dog is young, if he is not comfortable with much people around, maybe if he is scared and anxious, or maybe he is hyperactive with audiences or hostile, such dogs may just not be right for this task. Even if you train them for a good couple of months. 

On the other hand, if your dog is comfortable, happy and friendly with huge crowds then he may be the right fit. 

Start practicing.

After you have figured out that your dog may be the right fit, you ought to practice walking him in large crowds. Take him in crowded streets before the wedding so he gets used to the surrounding and doesn’t feel that it is too much on your special day.

Also, make sure you make him practice how he is going to carry your ring. If you want a basket of rings, train them to hold that basket in their mouth. It can also be a pouch of rings attached with their collar. Whatever the option you go with make sure the dog is comfortable with it and well trained.

Let someone accompany him.

If your pooch is calm with other members of your family, let someone walk him the aisle. Not entirely on leash, but just to handle things if your dog goes rogue and tries to become the runaway ring thief.

Most importantly, you need to have a plan B no matter how much you have trained your furry friend.