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Classy Hen (Bachelorette) Party Ideas at Home

A hen party will give the ladies some fun before one of the hens gets married. It is possible to throw a fun hen party at home. There are some classy hen party ideas that can be done at home and will allow the ladies to have fun. OZ Party Events can help plan the entire evening and make sure all the hens have a good time.

Afternoon Tea

This is a classy gathering. There are different flavors or tea that can be served. There is nothing classier than an afternoon tea event. The teas can be served with some sweets or some finger sandwiches. The food choice should be delicate to complement the tea. This is a great way to relax in the afternoon at home with the ladies.

Cocktail Mixing

This is a great way to make some classic cocktails at home. Before the party, all of the supplies should be purchased. The hens can then learn how to make some cocktails. There are online classes that can be streamed to learn how to make a classic drink. This is a fun event and this idea is increasing in popularity for hen parties. Many different types of drinks can be made and even some new twists on classic cocktails.

Spa Day

This is a nice and relaxing event that can be done at home. It will also help the hens look their best for the upcoming wedding. The ladies can give each other facials and other spa treatments. There are at-home exfoliation treatments that will allow the skin to look and feel great. They can do nails and make sure everyone has a great and relaxing day before the big event. Sometimes an afternoon of pampering can be what the ladies needs.

Chocolate Making

Every lady loves chocolate. These sweet treats can be made at home. All that is needed are the supplies and some molds to shape the chocolate. They can even be wrapped up and given as wedding favors. The ladies can also make some to snack on with a glass of wine or other beverage of their choice. This is a fun activity and there is nothing better than some freshly prepared chocolate.


While this may not seem like a party idea yoga is a great way to reduce stress. The bride to be can have the afternoon to relax. No experience is needed to have a yoga party. Yoga is a classy exercise that promotes relaxation and healing for the mind and the body. Yoga classes can be streamed from the internet and this is a great way for everyone to reduce the feeling of stress.

Afternoon of Glamping

If a hen has a big backyard it can host an outdoor glamping event. Glamping is a classy form of camping. They can decorate the yard and even have a cookout. There can be some fun games to play and the ladies can even add a classy touch to some common outdoor foods. This will allow the hens to get outdoors while still keeping things classy.

Perfume Making

Perfume making is a new trend for at-home hen parties. The hens can make the scents that they like and they can customize their scent. If the ladies are not into perform there is another option. Bath bombs are popular. The ladies can spend the afternoon making the bath bombs and use them at home that in the evening. All of the supplies needed can be found at the local craft store. Everything can be ready to go by the time the hens come over.

Painting Party

Painting is said to help relieve stress. A painting party can be a classy hen event. The hens can paint pottery or other items of their choice. This will allow them to take something home to remember the event by.

These are some suggestions for a classy hen party. These events are the current trends in hen parties and will keep the ladies busy all afternoon. These party ideas will also allow the girls the chance to relax and unwind before the big day. They can enjoy a classy event together as singles ladies.