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Attention all dessert lovers: If you are looking for a memorable and impressive dessert table you and your guests will remember for weeks . . . Look no further for the ultimate wedding dessert from Hungary!

Kurly Kürtősh is an upscale mobile bakery offering experiential dessert catering that will have you and your guests in awe all night. They bake authentic chimney cakes, best described as a cross between a hollow churro and a donut. But only better!

Their unique baking process takes wedding guests on a multi-sensory journey, leaving them captivated and raving about your event.  But how? Using an artisan-style approach, they prepare their dough in small batches and use internationally sourced ingredients to offer you the best flavors globally. With flour sourced from Europe, the purest cinnamon imported from Sri Lanka (filling your hall with cinnamony sweetness) & Italian-imported Nutella, there’s no wonder its love at first bite!

But it’s the experience of watching the preparation and baking right in front of you, that leaves you and your guests in awe.  And when you think it can’t get any better, everyone can personalize their chimney cake how they like! Kurly Kürtősh offers Cocoa Kurls, Coconut Kurls, Strawberry Kurls, Kurls with Edible Glitter, Cinnamon Kurls, and the list goes on.  You can have any flavor in the world you wish because they work with a spice purveyor in NYC that supplies the top NYC chefs with the best quality flavors. Last, but surely not least, their dessert station is fun-spirited, the chimney cakes are super fun to unkurl, and you enjoy them hot out of the oven.  YUM!

The owner proudly brings an authentic, artisan-style pastry from her deep expertise obtained while living in Hungary for four years.  She was honored to be invited to bake chimney cakes for the Hungarian Embassy in Washington, DC for their biggest public event of the year.  This Hungarian street food is their traditional wedding dessert, and if you are looking for a unique experience you and your guest will remember, offer them a taste of Kurly Kürtősh.  

Kurly Kürtősh loves to make all events special, especially weddings.  They offer chimney cake party platters (countless rings of single-serve chimney cakes), chimney cones (chimney cakes in the shape of ice cream cones filled with artisan gelato) or chimney cake party favors.  

Contact them to design your next unforgettable event. You can reach them at 201-704-6353 or info@kurlykurtosh.com.

See below for a glimpse of the Kurly Kürtősh experience:

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