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Budget-Friendly Outdoor Ideas For Your Spring Wedding

Spring is one of the most romantic seasons of the year! You can almost feel the love in the air. It’s the time when nature is waking up, flowers everywhere, people are in a great mood just because it’s getting warmer. It’s also a time to celebrate weddings! 

The scenery is worthy of using it in your wedding ceremony. Why not? Nature itself helps you by setting the best possible view that you can use. And all you need is ideas. There are tons of amazing and attractive wedding ideas for a spring ceremony. Here are the most budget-friendly ones.

No Flower Arrangements

It’s really obvious – why would you need flower arrangements when you can get them for free? And if you think that you might need some flowers in the indoor section, you could use fake flowers. You can compare the prices of real and fake flowers and you will be shocked to learn how costly it is to buy real flowers. So, consider skipping flower arrangements, or add some fake flowers if you want a flowery looking ceremony.

Wildflowers And Mason Jars

If you prefer real flowers over fake ones, here is another idea. Your wedding is in spring, so use what nature offers. Gather some wildflowers and arrange bouquets by using mason jars. Two cheap items, but together they look amazing. Nowadays, it’s trendy to use less fancy items and mason jars and wildflowers fit perfectly into this concept. Check out whether there are fields of flowers near you and collect the amount that you need in advance. 

Flower Petals As Aisle Runner

Aisle runners might not be as expensive, but still, you waste your money on a piece of cloth that you will throw away the next day. Instead, again use something that nature is offering. Arrange flower petals as your aisle runner. It will look romantic, sprong-like, and it perfectly fits an outdoor wedding. Plus, it’s not just affordable, it’s free!

Butterfly Bouquet

Wedding flowers are always expensive, especially when it comes to the bouquet. There is an amazing way to create a cheap and gorgeous-looking bouquet – arrange it from wire butterflies. Wire butterflies are used as decor for flower bouquets. Instead of using butterflies as decor, create a bouquet by using them as flowers. As a result, you get a cute and unusual bouquet.

Use Christmas Lights

When it gets darker, you need more lights. To create a super romantic atmosphere, use Christmas lights. You might not know that, but Christmas decor and lights are extremely cheap when it’s off-season. And we all love Christmas lights, they create a fairy tale atmosphere. You can check how people arrange outdoor weddings in the Philippines on filipino-women.net or any other website. They have amazing ideas related to arranging lights.  

Pastel Colors

You can right now check one thing on your own – the cost of pastel decor, and the cost of bright color decor. Pastel color decor is way cheaper than bright color items. Bright colors are associated with proms and weddings, so they are more expensive. But if you choose pastel colors, you get better prices. Plus, pastel colors are way better for spring weddings. They naturally blend with the scenery and look more expensive, stylish. 

Seed Packets As Wedding Favors

Creating wedding favors is a great idea to follow the spring theme. Especially, if you use cheap seed packets as wedding favors. You can create your own label or attach a sticker, and it will look unique and gorgeous. To convince you, check out the prices of seed packets. Currently, a pack of 120 pieces on Amazon costs less than 12 dollars! The paper looks nice, and there are plenty of DIY ideas to create amazing wedding favors.

Gardening Supplies As Decor

One of the most popular options is using watering cans as pots with flowers. It looks nice, it’s unique and perfectly fits at outdoor spring weddings. If you want to find even a cheaper way of decorating the garden for your wedding, consider checking garage sales or thrift stores to find old watering cans. Then plant flowers and you are good to go!

Twig Flower Pots

It will take time, but it’s worth creating twig flower pots. First, you need to gather twigs that would be used as decor for your pots. Second, you need to find a cheap base for twig pots. You can check out the DIY ideas on the Internet, there are many of them. 

Simple Wedding Cake

In movies, we see real masterpieces rather than cakes. You will be surprised, but you are perfectly capable of creating your own masterpiece out of a simple cake! Use a white or pastel-colored cake and decorate it with bright flowers or even fake butterflies to make it look more unique. If you don’t believe you can do it, go to a local store and buy any plain white cake. Decorate it with flower items, and you will see that you can do it!

Haystack Seating

You can go further with natural ideas and use haystacks as seating for your guests during the ceremony. It’s a lot cheaper than renting chairs. To make sure your guests won’t ruin their outfits, top those haystack seatings with patterned quilts. Use pastel colors so they would blend with the scenery.

Use Outdoor Barrels

Just like in the case with garden supplies, check out local garage sales to find cheap outdoor barrels. Using outdoor barrels as the decor has become a real trend. They hold bouquets, photos of future spouses, lanterns, other decor items. Cheap and nifty!

The Bottom Line

Even though the wedding ceremony is something most couples look forward to, the costs might be shocking. You might think it’s going to be cheaper since you are planning a small ceremony, but that’s not the case. That’s why you can use the best ideas for a spring wedding mentioned above in the article. The ideas are extremely affordable and appealing. 

Author’s Bio 

Timothea Bradley is an ambitious blogger at  https://filipino-women.net. In these difficult times for all of us, she wants to communicate more with people, share quality articles. She hopes to help someone and inspire people to move forward, despite all the difficulties that come along the way.