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An Ultimate Guide On How To Create Your Wedding Budget Checklist

Planning a wedding can be stressful regardless of matter how much time you have. Sometimes you make endless lists in your head or on paper only to forget them after a few minutes. If you have found yourself in this situation, worry no more, as this guide will be your first step into getting everything that your heart desires.

 Gone are the days when parents felt obligated to fund the wedding of their child. Based on research, a lot of young couples get married in their late twenties or early thirties, which is when most people are independent. Therefore, planning an affordable wedding is necessary.

Fortunately, cheap doesn’t always mean low-quality, so your dream wedding can be just as unique on a strict budget checklist. Here’s the Ultimate Guide on how to create your wedding budget checklist:

  • Research and learn from other couples: Take your time to plan and gain inspiration from other couples, including newlyweds. This allows you to save more and search for vendors who meet your needs. Sixteen to nine months before the wedding, start a wedding folder and begin leafing through bridal, fashion, food, design, lifestyle and gardening magazines to get inspiration. 
  • Draft a budget: Write out how much you have to spend, depending on your families’ contributions and yours. However, it is advised that you work according to your pocket to avoid disappointments from third parties who you expect to contribute.
  • Organise your wedding party: From the moment you get engaged, you must pick your wedding party, and that includes:
  • Maid of Honour 
  • Bridesmaids
  • Best Man 
  • Groomsmen
  • Flower Girls 
  • Ring Bearers. 
  • Prepare a guest list: Starting a guest list is one of the most important parts of planning a budget-friendly wedding because it requires you to make a headcount database that will be highly useful throughout your planning process. This database must include columns for contact info, RSVPs, souvenirs, and any other useful information. Keep in mind that the best way to reduce costs is to minimize your guest list.
  • Hire a Wedding Planner: Hiring a wedding planner might not be very cost-effective, but a planner will have relationships with and insights about vendors, easing up the planning process for you. 
  • Pick a date and reserve venues: When planning your wedding, you have to decide whether to have separate locations for the wedding and the reception, taking into consideration the distance/travel-time between the two places. 
  • Begin to assemble a team of wedding professionals: photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ/band, ceremony musicians, and florist. 
  • Browse wedding dress, veil styles, as well as undergarments.Get engagement photos taken if you wish to have a party.Establish a strict fitness and skincare routine. This will make you fit perfectly into your wedding dress, looking stunning. 
  • Book your Officiant: You should book your Officiant at least nine months before the wedding. The best time to schedule an officiant for your wedding is dependent mainly on where the wedding ceremony is going to take place. If you are planning a ceremony somewhere other than a place of worship, it is of great importance to understand when to book your Officiant as well as other wedding professionals.
  • Personalize and order a custom wedding invitation sample. You need to set aside 4 to 6 percent of your overall budget for wedding invitations. According to a survey, the average price for 150 invites and response cards is $245. Factor in save the dates ($114), programs ($108), menu cards $(114), thank-you cards ($92), and place cards ($77) for an average grand total of $750 before postage.
  • After 6 to 7 months, explore wedding day hair and makeup styles, reserve rentals such as chairs, linens, lighting, decor, and so on. Choose cake style and schedule tastings. Decide on the groomsmen and bridesmaid’s attire. 

Browse wedding invitation designs and coordinating stationery (Menu Cards, Thank You Cards, Programs, Enclosures, and Favours). Purchase wedding rings. You can find great sites to purchase rings like The Spruce. 

  • After 4 to 5 months comes the finishing touches. During this time, pick flowers for the cake, venues, attendees, etc. Schedule dress fittings and book honeymoon flights and hotels. You can also plan welcome baskets for out-of-town guests. Prepare a playlist for the DJ/Band. Finalize your wedding guest list and assemble a rehearsal dinner guest list. 
  • Three months to your wedding,finalize all honeymoon plans and make sure that all documents are in order, especially the marriage certificate. If you travel or move to a different country, you must have a translated copy of your marriage certificate, alongside essential travel documents using certified translation services like The Word Point.
  • In two months, start writing your vows. Review all the ceremony details with the Officiant. Apply for a marriage license. Finalize the playlists with musicians and finalize seating arrangements. Book your wedding day transportation and purchase gifts for attendants. Go for final dress fittings (with shoes and undergarments) and then give out thank you notes as gifts are received.
  • A month to your wedding, call every vendor to confirm dates, times, and location. Also, confirm honeymoon reservations, pack for your honeymoon, pick up wedding rings, and pick up the marriage license. 
  • 2 weeks to your wedding, update registries, follow up on guests who have not RSVP’d, give a final count to caterer, Get a clean haircut, assign someone who will return rentals, and tend to the wedding dress. 
  • One week to your wedding, prepare final payments to vendors and cash tips for service personnel. Give all readers their scripts. Give your image and video requests to the photographer and videographer, layout your wedding clothes, and prepare a wedding day emergency kit. Optionally, you can get spa treatments for you and the bridal train. 
  • The day before the wedding, get a manicure and pedicure, deliver welcome baskets and go to bed early! Wake up on your big day to a good breakfast and take your time to get ready. Hand over the wedding rings and officiant fee to the best man. Smile, relax, and enjoy every moment. 


Conventional wisdom might be generally accepted, but that does not mean it is correct. Whether you are a few months or a year away from your big day, this guide will help you plan each stage with confidence. It will enable you to manage your time and to-do-list right up until your big day and even beyond. If you are organized, you will have enough time not just to enjoy the process, but your partner as well. 

Blogger Bio: Mary is a well-known American freelance blogger with advanced writing skills. She currently works as a translator at TheWordPoint translation service. Mary had experience in editing, marketing, and her works appeared in different publications and website articles. From 2015 till the present has been studying at William Paterson University as a philosopher. Her main goal in life is not to set up any goals and keep working every day.