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A Man’s Guide to Writing Wedding Vows

Undeniably, there is never a more intimate part of a wedding ceremony than saying your vows; and if you are wondering how to come up with the right words to sweet your fiancée off her feet, this excerpt will guide you on how to write wedding vows, how to prepare them, everything to think about while you consider everything you need to include or not, as well as the feel and tone of everything you should expect as you say these amazing words to one another.

Here is everything you should know about writing your vows:

Step By Step Guide on Writing Wedding Vows

Usually, writing unforgettable wedding vows entails speaking deep from your heart and laying out your feelings and affection on paper; but it is no work in the park.  Just as it is with typical essay or fiction writing where a writer experiences a writer’s block, writing wedding vows is no different. 

While you can usually surf the web and type “who can help me write my research paper cheap” for assistance with typical writing assignments, the case is slightly different from wedding vows. Luckily though, by following these series of steps, you can effectively come up with the perfect words to soothe your way into her heart and subsequently avoid a potential writer’s block.

Begin by outlining who your partner is to you:  is she your lover, your best friend, or even your trusted partner in crime?

What do you love about her? Say what about them led you to commit to them, when you realized they are the perfect match for you, or what you miss most about her. Writing down various things about what you love about your partner makes it easy to compile your thoughts, identify a theme, as well as zero in on several items that truly stand out.

  1. Bring your love to life with a story: nothing is as captivating as a personal story as it affords your guests a uniquely intimate glance into your genuine love.
  2. Outline your promises for her: make promises to her and swear to stick to each of them. Some examples of vows you can use include ‘I vow to uphold my love for you forever’ or ‘I promise to support you always.’
  3. Outline specific ways you plan to demonstrate your love: you can do this in funny ways, romantic ways, as well as ways just the both of you can understand.
  4. Personalize your promise: for this, you can incorporate romantic vows to effectively encompass your devotion, commitment, and love or even use funny vows since after all, isn’t it the happiest day of your life?
  5. Mention exact things you plan to do with your partner together. You can continue this part of the vows by declaring the precise things you plan to accomplish with her. Use phrases such as ‘Together,’ ‘I will,’ and ‘With you.’
  6. Remember to reassure your partner: this assures your partner that you will be there for her no matter the circumstances, whether for better or for worse.
  7. Conclude with a promise to a good future together: think of your aspirations, goals, as well as future together. What is it that you are looking to share with her? How will you bring up your family?  Also, end your vows with a final promise, a promise of a better forever, eternity until death does you part.

Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

If you have come from the earlier mentioned steps, but you are still having trouble, here as some additional tips to consider:

  • Start early: writing your vows should be done early to ensure you have ample time to get inspiration, as well as delight at the moment as you think about your reasons for saying ‘I, Do!’
  • Discuss the vows with your partner: while you mustn’t reveal the final contents of your vows, it can be quite reassuring if you and your fiancée consent on a particular format, tone, or style for your wedding vow. Nonetheless, you can also share your vows with your partner; but the main idea here is that you all agree on your preference.
  • Create a list: just like with regular writing projects, when you begin to write down your vows, start simple-write everything which crosses your mind.

Wedding Vows for Your Inspiration:

Your wedding day is a celebration of your lifelong partner and best friend, and as such, you will want a selection of words that help you embrace that.  If you are looking for inspiration, here are some wedding vows precisely for him:

  • ‘I promise to build all my dreams around you and make my entire life yours forever.’
  • ‘For me, you are my inspiration, and I look forward to spending my life with you.’

Romantic Wedding Vow Examples you can use:

Weddings are all about love, happiness, and romance. As such, use your words to demonstrate the love for your partner in such a romantic manner that your guests’ hearts are touched. You can use these few examples to find inspiration for your vows:

‘No words are sufficient enough to express the promise that I offer you now-this is an indefinable part of me which I put in your care in this matrimony.’

‘I vow to always and forever be true to you from this day forward.’

Example of a Wedding Vow:

‘Andria, my lover, and my best friend, you are the person I want to spend my entire life with.

I love your compassion and ability to appreciate me for who I am like nobody else can. Your smile keeps me going all day long, and I am honestly lucky to have such a caring and kind person by my side. You are my eternal love, and being with you has made me feel happier and loved than I could ever have fathomed…’


Unconditional love is the purest love of all and what better way to demonstrate your love for your partner than by writing wedding vows which speak from your heart and reflect your fantastic journey with your fiancée. Essentially, while writing your wedding vows is not tricky, it, however, needs you to search your heart, feelings, and relationship.

With these few steps and examples, you should have enough inspiration to help you draft down the most sincere, heartfelt, and memorable wedding vows for your wife to be on your most significant occasion!

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Jeff Blaylock is an accredited content writer and author. Over the last few years, he has published numerous blogs and articles on multiple diverse topics. Besides writing, Jeff has also worked as an inspiring leader and motivator.