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A Guide to Virtual Weddings

Coronavirus has prevented many weddings from taking place as planned. Now, as couples begin to approach their rescheduled wedding dates, many are still facing obstacles. Some states are on the verge of going back into shut-down mode while others are still enforcing limitations for gatherings.  

With the current global pandemic still in effect, couples are turning to creative ways to share their wedding with family and friends. LoveStream offers a way for couples to easily live stream their weddings to those who can’t be there to celebrate in person. A virtual wedding is the easiest way to have a socially distant wedding with a majority of guests participating online rather than in-person. 

5 Tips for Planning a Virtual Wedding

1. Choose an Easy-to-Use Platform

During the pandemic, many have become adept at using different video chatting and streaming technologies to stay in touch with loved ones. Unfortunately, some of these are still quite complicated for some guests. Facebook Live or Instagram Live require guests to have accounts on those platforms, while Zoom requires the user to download an app and wait for a moderator to let them in. LoveStream offers one-click access to the wedding live stream so even the least tech-savvy guests can watch, comment along, and celebrate your big day. 

2. Update Your Guest List

If you have already sent out invitations, you might have to deal with the awkward task of un-inviting certain guests. Don’t worry. Most people will be understanding and maybe even a little relieved that they don’t have to worry about traveling and gathering during these uncertain times. 

Depending on the regulations in your area, you might be limited to only a handful of guests. Keep the most vital guests in-person, but politely ask that the rest of the list or anyone with a compromised immune system join you virtually. 

3. Re-Write Your Invitations

If you will be having some in-person guests and some online guests, make sure to send separate invitations so everyone has a clear understanding of where they are expected to be on the day of the wedding. 

We recommend including the URL to your wedding live stream on your invitation as well as sending out a follow-up email in the days leading up to the wedding to remind everyone where they can participate. 

4. Talk to Your Vendors

Most couples hire over a dozen vendors for their wedding. From the planner to the florist to the DJ, everyone should understand what their role will be at the virtual wedding. If you no longer need a certain vendor, work with them to discover what your options are. If you put down a non-refundable deposit, consider having a small virtual ceremony now and planning to use their services at a large reception after the pandemic is over. 

5. Celebrate!

Finally, it’s time to get married and celebrate! After all, that’s what this is all about. We know that your wedding might not have gone to plan, but at the end of the day, you are your spouse will be married and your loved ones will have been able to celebrate with you virtually. 

Live Stream Weddings Made Easy

LoveStream’s guide to virtual weddings makes it easy for any couple to live stream their wedding to their family and friends. All LoveStream packages include tech support for the big day, a custom wedding website, and a copy of your video to cherish for years to come.