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How to Create Your Perfect Beauty Routine Before the Big Day

You expect your big day to be magical and proceed as planned, like a well-oiled machine that runs effortlessly. Those magical moments from the first kiss to the first dance as well as when you cut the cake should be captured in an equally magical manner as well.

However, not all photographers may be good at wedding shots as they might cut your pictures or capture them in a dissatisfying manner. Some may not intentionally sabotage you, but they may not have the perspective you have on your wedding photo expectations.

How can you choose the perfect wedding photographer that will meet your expectations? Let’s explore.

Choose the style

The first thing you should do is choose a style of photography you want with your spouse. This will help you get a photographer with the appropriate style you like and want for your wedding. The different styles you can choose from are:

  • Documentary style
  • Black and white
  • Vintage
  • Portrait
  • Artistic

There are many other styles you can choose from, or alternatively, you can opt for a mixture of these styles. You can go to Instagram pages of wedding magazines to gather all the styles that tickle your fantasy.

Once you have gathered those pictures go through them carefully to see what makes you like those pictures. Once you have found that out, you should aim at getting a photographer that specializes in that style.

Do some research

Do your research by going through the websites of different local photographers to see the services they offer. Check out their online reviews on their website, Facebook page or Yelp and Google to see if recent newlyweds are satisfied with that photographer’s work.

You can even ask people who have used that photographer personally if you know some to get an unadulterated opinion straight from the horses and mouth.

Strike a conversation with that photographer on social media to see their response time and how professional they are. The website design may tell a great deal about that photographer’s style and work.

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Consider lighting

Not all photographers can take pictures well in a dark setting, especially if they are used to taking pictures in natural light conditions. For that reason, when you do your research check out if they have taken pictures in dark places and how the shots were.

This will be beneficial, especially if you will get married in a dark church or if you will have a night-time ceremony. The photographer must be able to use the lighting equipment at their disposal to get beautiful shots.

If you are going to have your wedding outdoors or in a well-lit venue, you shouldn’t worry much about getting a photographer with pricey lighting.

Interview each photographer

Interviewing each photographer personally will help you gain perspective on whether they are viable for your needs. Once you meet them, you will see their level of professionalism and their work style.

You don’t have to invite all of the photographers you find online, but instead, you should shortlist them. First, see if they are what you are looking for and then find out about their rates and availability for your wedding date.

Afterwards, set up interviews with 3-5 photographers that will be available and who are affordable. During the interview, tell the photographer about yourself and your partner and tell him about your expectations as well as the date.

Look at each ’photographer’s work

During each interview, you can ask those photographers to bring along their past work to see if they really deliver what they advertise. Ask for a whole wedding album to see all their shots to get a full scope of what you will be paying for.

It’s also important to view different albums from one photographer so you can see if their work is consistent. Ask for 3 or 4 albums of weddings they have done that have a similar environment to yours. For example, if your reception will be in a dark setting, you should ask for weddings captured in dark settings and so forth.

Review their work objectively

Once you have got the albums, review them objectively and pay special attention to the moments you want to be captured perfectly. See if they were captured in the way you would like yours to be captured.

You should feel the emotions of that wedding through the pictures in the album. The pictures should look natural and relaxed, not forced or out of context.

Look at the pictures quality and the editing filters used and determine if they are suitable for your big day. Remember that it is not only you two that should be in the photos so take a look at pictures of the other invitees in the album.

Photographer’s personality

Liking and having an understanding with your photographer is also quite important. You photographer should embrace your ideas and be equally as interested in making them a reality.

He must express his ideas respectfully and in a manner that won’t be offensive to you or your partner. When your personalities mesh, you can be assured that your photos will come out perfectly.

If your photographer makes you edgy, your smile and poses in the pictures will portray the same feeling. So, get a photographer that makes you feel relaxed and excited about your big day.

Compare all the rates and packages

Once you have interviewed all potential photographers and have created a shortlist of the ones you are comfortable with, you should start comparing. Compare the prices and packages they offer to determine how much it will cost. This will help you see which option is valuable for your money.

When you do this, don’t be caught up in the fun parts only of the wedding preparations. Remember that you also have the responsibility to write wedding invitations that will be beautiful and match your wedding style.

Read the agreement

Read the agreement and the rights you have over your wedding photos. This is because some photographers draft the agreement in a way that makes them have full rights over the pictures. This will give them the right to post them on their websites or stock photo websites.

If you do not want this, it may hard to get them to take them down because of the agreement you signed. To avoid this, read the agreement carefully and ask the photographer to amend any sections you don’t agree to.

You don’t need a lawyer to do this, but you just need to read carefully and ask for clarification on parts you don’t understand.

Post-production and delivery

Also, ask for clarification about the post-production process and ask if they will charge an extra fee for that. Also, ensure that you ask when you can expect your photos to be delivered to you and if they will be in print or in digital format.

Confirm if you will get the unedited images and what special effects they offer. Generally, this process can take up to 6-8 weeks, depending on how busy that photographer is.

When your photographer is clear on these matters that will help pay the exact price you intended to without extra costs and hidden fees.

Prepare for the big day

Planning ahead will help the photographer determine which shots are most important to you and that will help him see where he should focus at what times. Although voicing your opinions is very important, don’t forget that your photographer is the expert, so try to incorporate your ideas with what he recommends.

If possible, the photographer can do a walkthrough on the venue to help him get an idea of what will go down where. Give him a detailed timeline of the day and tell him what shots are most important to you.


Your big day’s photography will be a success if there is clear communication between you and your photographer. Choose the one you understand and that has the style you are looking for.

It is important to also notify the photographer about how big of a crowd you are expecting so he can see how many cameras and cameramen he will need. Focus on the pre-planning because that’s all you have control over. After you have prepared well and selected the perfect photographer for you, just lay your trust in him that he will deliver what you want.

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