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9 Gems You Should Wear To Give More Meaning To Your Wedding

For many people, their wedding day is the most special and most important day of their lives. This is why they do their best to plan and prepare for it properly.

Weddings are filled with flowers, candles, and beautiful clothing, and now gemstones have been added to the list. There’s a broad range of gems that are perfectly ideal for such an occasion. Each one represents a unique meaning or is noted for a particular character of peace, love, or healing. Regardless of your interests or preferences, below are some of the gems you may want to consider wearing to add even more meaning to your wedding:

  1. Diamond

Diamonds are known for being everlasting, which makes them a popular gem for unending love. They have different meanings that include increased courage, clarity of the body and mind, and improved energy. So, if you want a gem that relates to purity and strength, choosing diamonds like Kalfin’s pink diamonds is a perfect choice.

  1. Opal

Since opals may exhibit a variety of colors, it has been thought to possess some supernatural powers. Like other gems, opal symbolizes hope and love. In fact, ancient Greeks believed that opals gave their owners protection from disease, as well as the gift of prophecy. Most people also consider this gem as a symbol of truth, hope, and purity.

  1. Moonstone

Another gem that you might want to wear for your wedding is a moonstone. It helps alleviate emotional turmoil and stress. You can wear this gem to increase your feelings of peace and calmness. A moonstone also draws out the most feminine power and may be perfect for brides who are expecting as this gem may be used for childbirth protection.

  1. Emeralds

Whether you want gems that would look great for your best wedding selfie or would make your special day complete, you can never go wrong with emeralds. In ancient Greek, emeralds are said to be Aphrodite’s sacred stone. In the time of the Romans, the gem is a symbol of friendship, bringing the wearer wisdom, tranquility, adoration, loyalty, preserving love, devotion, and hope.

This precious gem is also the stone of fidelity. It’s said that the color of the emerald may change if your partner is unfaithful. However, in other cultures, the change in an emerald is a sign that the wearer is in immediate danger.

  1. White Jade 

This wonderful gem is also known as a protective stone, which keeps the wearer from harm, as well as brings peace and harmony. You can wear this stone to ensure that you stay safe on your big day. White jade may also help draw purity of choice and good luck, making it a perfect gem that you can wear for your wedding, as you and your partner start a new chapter in life. 

  1. Sapphire

Sapphire is another of the precious gemstones you can find today, alongside emerald, ruby, and diamond. Believed to represent prophetic wisdom and protection, this gem is said to help generate sincerity, hope, joy, understanding, beauty, light, peace, faithfulness, truth, and honesty.

In history, sapphire is also the stone of high priests and kings. This gem also became popular when it was used for the engagement ring of Princess Diana, which was passed on to Princess Catherine. So, if you prefer something that will make you feel like royalty during your wedding, you can wear sapphire as one of your accessories.

  1. Rose Quartz

If you want to make your wedding more meaningful, another gem you may consider wearing is a rose quartz. This is renowned as the stone for unconditional love. By wearing this gem, it also helps improve your love of family and friends, self-love, and romantic love.

In addition to that, rose quartz may strengthen your sense of self-esteem and beauty. After using this gem as an accessory for your wedding, you may also want to place it in your new house to foster a peaceful and loving atmosphere.

  1. Ruby

Unlike some gems, the ruby comes in many colors and can be a beautiful wedding day gem. Colors include vivid and dramatic red, along with luscious pinks that are romantic and feminine. With this variety, there’s a perfect ruby for you.

Like their color, rubies have a bold and fiery energy. Most of the gem’s properties relate to the sun and light. Some people also associate it with vitality, passion, healing, love, balance, and energy.

  1. Pearl

Considered as the oldest recorded gem, there are many reasons why you should wear pearls to your wedding.

The new age traditions and astrologers feel that pearls are connected to the moon, as they are also referred to as the teardrops of the moon. Some cultures also think that pearls were made by angels moving on the clouds of heaven.

However, in modern culture, this gem is a symbol of innocence, tranquility, serenity, concentration, integrity, and purity. It also increases femininity. This is why brides who consider wearing pearls on their wedding day are extremely lucky.


Gems have been popular wedding accessories for many years. They don’t just complete one’s look—they also symbolize various things like eternal love and serenity. So, if you want to add even more meaning to your wedding, wear a gem or two for a day you won’t forget.