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8 Bridal Trends You’re About to See on the Summer Wedding Circuit

Getting married is an exciting event every girl is looking forward to. From the point when you said ‘yes’, you can start organizing your dream wedding. Where will it be? What color will the flowers have? And the most important question, how will the dress be?

Every year there are some trends brides are looking to when they plan their wedding and choose their dress. If 2019 was the year of the ‘royal wedding’ and most brides were inspired by the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, 2020 comes with new trends to follow. Here are 8 of the most popular bridal trends you will see on the summer wedding circuit.

  1. More than One Dress

The day of your wedding will be one of the most important ones in your life. So why choose only one dress for your wedding? Kate Middleton and then Megan Markle started the trend of having two dresses for your wedding. One you wear at the religious ceremony and the other one at the wedding reception. 

Some brides have even more than two dresses, so it is up to you how many you choose. Take into consideration that most religious settings call for a more elegant wedding dress, so you can choose a sexy one for the party.

  1. The Color of the Dress

Until not long ago, the traditional belief said that the color of your dress must be white, the color of purity. However, trends have developed and emerged into a wider color palette for wedding dresses. You will see beige, soft pink, baby blue or pastel purple wedding dresses. 

Designers have left the traditional ones behind and started to create stunning and different dress designs with bold touches of colors such as green, blue, purple and even black.

This summer circuit is going to be amazing and we expect to see new bold wedding dress designs that will continue to challenge the traditional ones.

  1. Minimalism

More and more people have adopted minimalism as a way of life. And more and more brides think about having a minimalist wedding and, of course, a minimalist dress. These are the simplest dresses that do not have glitter, sparkles, ruffles, and tiers and so on. 

And even though they do not have something shiny, they impress us with their elegance, simplicity and most of the time asymmetry. Experts from the best essay writing service say that more and more brides want to let go of excessive accessories and volume and opt for a perfectly tailored minimalist dress.

  1. Vintage Dresses

A trend that is just emerging is one of the sustainable weddings. More and more people are aware of the climate change effects on our lives and aim to change their behaviors to help stop it. Sustainable weddings are the new trend that is just emerging and more and more couples commit to making eco-friendly choices for their wedding day.

The fashion industry is the one that has among the highest carbon footprints and this is damaging for the Earth. This is why more and more brides choose to wear a pre-loved or vintage wedding dress for the big day. They have something special that makes you adore them and you also manage to reduce a harmful output.

According to Dissertation-today.com, most brides wear the dress how it was originally designed, while others add more accessories or tiny details.

  1. Add a Personal Touch

You rarely see two wedding dresses that look the same. Every one of them has tiny details and sparks that make the difference. However, more and more brides choose to add a personal touch to their wedding dress. It is the most important day in your life, so why not do it? Megan Markle, Hailey Bieber, and many others chose to personalize their veils to show their personality or send powerful messages.

For example, Hailey Bieber had a powerful message embroidered on her wedding veil: “Till death do us part”, while Megan had all Commonwealth countries represented by their distinctive flora.

  1. Bridal Wedding of Two-Pieces

We all know that the wedding dress is worn in a single day. After your wedding, honeymoon and thrash-the-dress photo sessions, you will have no occasion to wear it again. Unless you sell it to another bride-to-be, it will be kept in your closet as a beautiful memory.

But think about how amazing it would be to be able to wear it even if you had your wedding. This is another eco-friendly and sustainable trend that is just emerging: two-pieces bridal outfits. No matter if it is the first or second outfit of your wedding day, you can now wear it after it too. You can easily find other clothing pieces that go well with your wedding top or skirt.

  1. Skip the Veil

Like we said, more and more wedding dress designers leave the traditional beliefs behind and aim to create new fashion movements. One of these is the substitution of the veil with a cape. If you are not into veils, you can choose to wear a cape and create a more dramatic look. 

Just like veils, capes can be embroidered with powerful messages or covered in crystals and glitter. The best thing about this is that you do not have to search for accessories such as a bride’s tiara.

There are also other fresh alternatives to the traditional veil. You can have a delicate flower crown or romantic hair-pins or feathers. It’s about your personality!

  1. Sleeves

According to top resume reviews, even though most brides want a sexy wedding outfit and choose bare-shouldered dresses, others aim for more chic ones. Having a wedding dress with sleeves is the new trend. These wedding dresses give you a personal touch of romanticism and elegance. You can also personalize the sleeves however you want and you can add glitter, beautiful embroidery or glamour details.


We all know that summer is the season of weddings and every year there are trends that every bride follows. These 8 bridal trends will be the most popular during this summer wedding circuit. 

More and more brides choose to add a personal touch to their wedding outfits and choose chic non-white dresses and substitutes for the traditional veil. Sustainability is the latest emerging wedding trend and more and more couples opt for eco-friendly choices for their big day.

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